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Qantas Pass

Find out about your Qantas Pass.

Do you have a Qantas Pass? Call us to request a refund of your Qantas Pass at any time on 1300 668 885 within Australia or +61 2 9123 7495 from outside Australia.

About your Qantas Pass

Qantas Pass is a virtual account that stores the value of your Flight Credit. From July 2021, Qantas transferred certain Flight Credits to a Qantas Pass.  If you were issued a Qantas Pass, you would have received an email outlining your Qantas Pass number, expiry date and important information about its use. Frequent Flyer members and Qantas Business Rewards customers can view which Flight Credits have been transferred to a Qantas Pass by logging into their account and selecting 'See all bookings'. Underneath your original booking reference, you will see an alert titled 'Qantas Pass'. 

From 1 January 2024, Qantas Passes can no longer be used for new bookings. You can request a refund of your unused or remaining Qantas Pass value at any time. 

You can still check your balance and track your transaction activity online at any time.

View the Target Market Determination (PDF).

Travel Credit search

Find your travel credit

Our search tool will help you find any travel credits you may hold with Qantas or Jetstar. We'll need details about the original flight booking to complete a search. Find out more information about other Travel Credits, or if you need help, contact our dedicated team

Qantas Pass conditions

These terms and conditions apply to Qantas Pass recipients whose Flight Credit has been transferred to a Qantas Pass. Qantas does not hold an Australian Financial Services Licence. 

  • If you would prefer to receive a refund, contact your local Qantas office You can get a refund of your unused or remaining Qantas Pass value at any time, including after 31 December 2023 when your Qantas Pass is no longer valid for use.
  • Your Qantas Pass is valid until the expiry date shown. Book by 31 December 2023. At any point Qantas travel can be booked up to a maximum of 353 days in advance, which reflects system range. On 31 December 2023, this will mean travel can be booked up to 19 December 2024.
  • Your Qantas Pass can be used as a form of payment through Qantas: on, through your local Qantas office (booking fees may apply), or on the Qantas Hotels website.
  • Your Qantas Pass is non-transferable and may not be sold, traded or bartered. It may not be redeemed for cash, cheque or credit, except where required by law.
  • Your Qantas Pass is issued in the currency as displayed. If you'd like to use your credit for a booking in another currency, it will be subject to currency exchange rates at time of booking.
  • Your Qantas Pass is issued in the name of the person who paid for the original booking and will be emailed to the primary booking contact provided at the time of booking. 
  • Except where prohibited by law, we may, at our reasonable discretion cancel, void, reject, modify or reissue a Qantas Pass at any time:
    • if we believe, on reasonable grounds, that your Qantas Pass has been used illegally or fraudulently;
    • in the case of mistaken issuance; or
    • if you breach, or we reasonably suspect you have breached, any material term or condition of these terms and conditions.
  • Your Qantas Pass will not be accepted as a form of payment if the Qantas Pass number is invalid or cannot be identified. 
  • Except where any loss or misappropriation of funds arises as a result of fault by Qantas or a related body corporate of Qantas, Qantas is not liable for the loss or misappropriation of funds in relation to a Qantas Pass, including as a result of theft or the unintended use of a Qantas Pass by a person other than the recipient. It’s important to keep these details safe and secure. If you lose your Qantas Pass details, contact your local Qantas office as soon as possible.
  • If you have issues with your Qantas Pass or would like to make complaint, contact your local Qantas office