Qantas boarding pass

Trialling a new boarding experience

We’re always looking for ways to enhance your journey, which is why we’re trialling a new boarding experience aimed at improving your departure time.

Introducing the boarding trial

The trials will take place on selected domestic flights and involve allocating passengers into boarding groups. Each group will be called one by one to a designated lane to reduce congestion and provide a smoother boarding experience.

When are the trials happening?

This trial will take place in September 2023.

Where are the trials taking place?

These trials will take place in Brisbane and Sydney Domestic airports on selected services.  

Steps for boarding

Once you have arrived at the airport, follow these three simple steps to ensure a smooth boarding process.

Find out your boarding group, located on your boarding pass.

Arrive at the gate on time and listen carefully for your group to be called.

When your group is announced, proceed to the designated lane, taking note of the lane signs. 

How to locate your boarding group

Your group can be found on your boarding pass, where circled in red, below.

Qantas boarding pass


Visit our Group boarding trial FAQ page for more information