Seat selection conditions

You can select your seat on all Qantas operated flights (excluding selected QantasLink services). If seat selection is not available, you can request a preference for an aisle or window seat.

Important information

The following information applies to all seat selections, although note that requirements and additional conditions apply to the purchase of exit row seats and Seats with a Bassinet. 

  • Prices quoted are subject to change. For Domestic flights purchases made in Australian dollars the price is inclusive of goods and service tax (GST). Prices apply to all fare types for Extra Legroom seats, Preferred seats and Seats with a Bassinet. Pricing for standard seatingOpens in a new tab or window on international flights may vary based on Qantas Frequent Flyer Status and booking channel.
  • Seat selection can be purchased using an Accepted Payment Card, or where applicable, using Qantas Points. You will need to be logged in as a Qantas Frequent Flyer member at the time of seat selection for this option to be available. Seat selection using points can only be redeemed in one transaction, per booking, at any given time. Subsequent seat selection purchases using points, for the same booking, will need to be made using an Accepted Payment Card. 
  • Seat selection is subject to availability.
  • Passengers who wish to sit next to each other but have made separate bookings will need to request their seat independently. Qantas is not able to advise on the seat selection of passengers on other bookings.
  • At any time up to 3 hours prior to scheduled departure, provided you have not checked in for the flight, you may change your seat request to:
    1. move to another available seat of the same value within the same cabin. An adjustment may apply to the charge paid.
    2. move to an available seat of higher value within the same cabin (for example an extra legroom seat) on payment of any price difference. You cannot pay for any price difference with Qantas Points.
    3. upgrade to a seat in a higher cabin, however, the amount paid or Qantas Points redeemed for seat selection will not be refunded.
  • If in accordance with your fare rules you elect to move to another flight, the amount paid for your selection can be transferred to your new flight. Any price difference is payable. 
  • Seat selection is not transferable to another passenger.
  • Seat selection is non-refundable unless:
    1. Qantas changes your seat for operational, safety or security reasons (even after boarding the aircraft), and we are unable to seat you in a suitable alternative.
    2. There is a flight disruption causing you to be moved to another flight and Qantas is unable to seat you in a suitable alternative on your new flight.
    3. Qantas moves you to a flight not operated by Qantas.
    4. Your fare is refunded (including where you are entitled to a refund under the Australian Consumer Law).
  • Seat selection is non-refundable if we have moved you to a seat in a higher cabin class for operational, safety or security reasons.
  • Seat selection refund conditions are independent of fare refund conditions.
  • If your seat is changed by Qantas for operational, safety or security reasons, or you are affected by a flight disruption, you may apply for a refund after departure by completing the refund form Refunds can only be requested after departure of the affected flight. Refund requests must be lodged at no later than 3 months after the affected flight.
  • In the event of an aircraft change, the same or a similar seat may be allocated. Passengers will not be contacted if this occurs before check-in but may check the position of the allocated seat online via manage booking
  • Passengers will still be required to check-in before their flight departure. Select seats at check-in through manage booking or your bookings if you're a Qantas Frequent Flyer, or at the airport.
  • Passengers who have specific needs should call their local Qantas office directly so we can assist with the allocation of an appropriate seat.
  • Seat selection and seat preference requests cannot be guaranteed as they may need to be changed for operational, safety or security reasons, even after boarding the aircraft.

Complimentary seat requirements and eligibility

You can select Standard Seat Selection on Qantas operated flights any time after making your booking. The earlier you select your seat, the more choice you have. Simply select your seat at Manage booking or via the Qantas App.

Standard Seat Selection is complimentary when:

  • travelling on any Qantas operated domestic service,
  • travelling internationally in Economy on a Saver or Flex fare,
  • travelling internationally in First, Business or Premium Economy,
  • travelling internationally as a Platinum One, Platinum, Gold or Silver Qantas Frequent Flyer or equivalent oneworld and Emirates Skywards Frequent Flyer,
  • travelling internationally as a Bronze Qantas Frequent Flyer on any Qantas operated flight departing from Australia when you book directly with Qantas,
  • travelling on an Economy Classic Flight Reward, or
  • on the same booking and travelling with any of the above mentioned travellers.

Standard seat selection is available for a charge if you're:

  • a Bronze Frequent Flyer and your itinerary is originating outside of Australia, or
  • travelling on an international Economy sale fare on Qantas operated flights.

You can select your seat on all Qantas operated flights, excluding select regional services.

Exit row seat requirements and conditions

To sit in an exit row seat, you must:

  • be at least fifteen years old,
  • not be travelling with someone who needs your assistance in an emergency e.g an infant or child unless there is another guardian seated elsewhere with the child,
  • not require the use of an infant/extension seat belt,
  • be willing and able to move quickly and assist crew in an emergency situation,
  • be willing and able to listen to a briefing, check outside conditions and follow instructions given in English by crew,
  • be physically able to reach, open, lift and throw out an emergency exit up to twenty (20) kgs,
  • not be travelling with a service dog,
  • not have an amputated or prosthetic limb,
  • not have a visual impairment that is not corrected by use of spectacles/glasses/contact lenses, which must be worn during taxi, take-off and landing,
  • not have a hearing impairment that is not corrected by use of a hearing aid/device, which must be worn during taxi, take-off and landing, 
    Note: Hearing aids or devices that use Bluetooth are permitted to be used at all times. 
  • not utilise any part of the aircraft door (or its surrounding area) to rest your feet, or any other personal item(s). At overwing exit rows all cabin baggage, including laptops, must be stowed in the overhead locker for taxi, take-off and landing phases.

Qantas has the sole discretion, at check-in, boarding, or onboard, to determine whether a passenger meets the requirements to sit in an exit row seat. If the passenger does not meet the requirements, they will be assigned a different seat.

Additional conditions

  • Exit row seat refund conditions are independent of fare refund conditions.
  • If between the date of purchasing an exit row seat and 24 hours before travel you become unable to fulfil the requirements to sit in an exit row seat, notify your local Qantas office immediately. If you notify Qantas at least 24 hours before departure, you'll be transferred to a regular economy seat, and the additional amount paid or Qantas Points redeemed for an exit row seat may be refunded.

Seat with Bassinet requirements and conditions

In order to select a Seat with Bassinet, the infant:  

  • Must be booked and travelling with an adult (parent or guardian)
  • Must be less than 2 years of age, weigh less than 11kg and be able to lie flat in the bassinet at the time of travel. (Bassinets on Qantas flights are approximately 71cm long, 31cm wide, 26cm deep.) 

If the infant doesn’t comfortably fit within the specifications of a bassinet, they must travel in the lap of the adult travelling with them. In this situation, you may be moved from your Seat with Bassinet to accommodate other customers travelling with infants.

Neighbour Free

If you have a Neighbour Free reservation, refer to the Neighbour Free terms and conditions