Switch your flight for a Qantas Gift Voucher


You could be invited to switch your flight.

From time to time, you might receive an SMS from Qantas, a few days or more before your flight, offering you the chance to switch your flight to another one. If you accept, you'll receive a Qantas Gift Voucher as our thanks for your flexibility. 

How do I accept a flight switch offer?

It’s easy. Simply reply to the SMS by following the instructions provided. The SMS will be sent to the passenger whose phone number is in the booking, however the offer will be for each passenger on that flight in the booking. You'll be required to accept or reject the offer on their behalf and each passenger in the booking will receive a Qantas Gift Voucher.

If you choose to switch your flight (and the new flight is still available) we'll make the changes for you and you'll receive a confirmation SMS with your new flight details.   

How do I decline a flight switch offer?

If you’d prefer to stay on your original flight, just ignore the SMS and your flight won’t be changed.

Flight switch offers are subject to limited time and availability. If you receive an offer via SMS and you wish to accept, respond as soon as possible, as offers are not guaranteed to still be available at the time of your response. Flight switch offers are by invitation only and will be made and either accepted or rejected at Qantas' sole and absolute discretion. 

Important information

Flight switch offers are open for a limited time and for a limited set number of seats. Accepted offers by an Invited Customer will be fulfilled on a first come first serve basis. Qantas may withdraw a flight switch offer at any time once it has been fully subscribed. If a flight switch offer has been fully subscribed then an Invited Customer that responds to an Offer after it has been withdrawn will remain on their original booking. Invited Customers will not be notified when the offer is concluded if they do not respond to the Offer.

If an Invited Customer's original booking is changed or cancelled after a flight switch offer is sent to that Invited Customer and before the Invited Customer accepts the offer, the Offer will not be valid. If the Original Booking is changed or cancelled after the Invited Customer has responded to the Offer but before the rebooking to the Alternative Flight has been confirmed by Qantas the Offer may be invalid. The Original Booking may no longer be available if an Alternate Flight Booking is cancelled. An Alternate Flight Booking will only be refundable if the Segment in the Alternate Flight Booking is cancelled by Qantas and reasonable alternative travel cannot be arranged as per the original booking terms.

The fare conditions of the Original Booking continue to apply to the Alternate Flight booking. Qantas Frequent Flyer members who have included their Qantas Frequent Flyer membership number in their Original Booking will still earn Qantas Points and Status Credits. Any special requests, including meal or seating requests, whether or not included in the Original Booking, will not be guaranteed for the Alternate Flight Booking.

See full flight switch Terms and Conditions.

Disclaimer: ~ Qantas Gift Vouchers are redeemable for one-way or return Qantas domestic or international flights departing Australia. Valid for bookings within 12 months of the voucher issue date and subject to voucher terms and conditions. When an Offer is accepted and confirmed, an Invited Customer will be sent a Qantas Gift Voucher to the email contained in their booking, for the amount offered. Voucher amounts may vary by Offer and are denominated in Australian Dollars. The redemption and use of Qantas Gift Voucher is subject to the Qantas Voucher Terms and Conditions