We invest in offset projects that not only reduce emissions but in many cases also provide broader community and environmental benefits both in Australia and overseas.

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Our focus

Aviation is a hard-to-abate sector, and high-integrity carbon offsets will play an ongoing part in achieving our goals until alternate direct emissions reduction levers (such as sustainable aviation fuel, more fuel-efficient fleets, and emerging technologies) become more readily available.

The Qantas Group has invested in carbon offset projects since 2007, with the offset portfolio supporting environmental, social, and economic outcomes in Australia and internationally.

Our program also reflects our commitment to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and flagship Australian projects. In FY23, we procured offsets from Arnhem Land Fire Abatement (ALFA) an Aboriginal owned, not-for-profit carbon farming business that supports Traditional Owners and rangers to utilise customary fire knowledge and skills in tandem with contemporary technology to accomplish highly sophisticated landscape-scale fire management that generates Australian Carbon Credit Units through savanna burning methodology.

The quality and integrity of carbon offsets is an important focus for Qantas. Our Integrity Framework has provided scrutiny over offsets procurement and includes:

  • Purchasing from verified registries,
  • Due diligence/assurance from suppliers,
  • Ongoing monitoring and reporting,
  • Investment Principles to guide carbon credit procurement for carbon offsetting, and
  • Project Evaluation Framework to assess carbon credits procured against the Investment Principles.

Details of our Offsets Strategy and Integrity Framework can be found in our 2023 Sustainability Report.

Fly Carbon Neutral

Our 'tick-the-box' to Fly Carbon Neutral (FCN) offsetting program gives customers the opportunity to offset their flights.

Qantas matches dollar-for-dollar every contribution a customer makes to offset their emissions on a passenger flight, effectively doubling the size of the program.

Indigenous ranger across northern Australia. Photo by David Hancock

Frequent Flyer members and Qantas Business Rewards customers can earn 10 Qantas Points for every A$1 spent on offsetting.

Earn Qantas Points when you Fly Carbon Neutral Learn how to make a difference to our planet

Qantas Future Planet

Our Future Planet program provides a carbon-offsetting solution for corporate businesses to offset their operational or unavoidable emissions to reduce their environmental impact.  

Through Future Planet we have offset emissions for more than 40 businesses, including Australia Post, Allens, DHL, NextDC, and T2.

If you're a business interested in partnering with us, please email us.

When i tick the carbon offset box video Deep in India's South, a network of small villages are part of a big global story. Wind turbines dot the horizon, powering a new future.

Australia Post partnership

In September 2019, Australia Post implemented carbon neutral delivery of every parcel sent through Post Offices and the MyPost system across Australia.

This significant announcement was made possible through Australia Post’s partnership with the Qantas Future Planet program, which procures carbon offsets from Australian and overseas projects, to compensate for corporate emissions. The purchase of carbon offset credits now matches the environmental impact of each parcel transferred and delivered through these Australia Post channels.

Qantas Frequent Flyer points contributions are not matched, only the cash contributions from Qantas and Jetstar passengers.

Australia Post deliver parcel to customer

Further information can be found in our 2023 Sustainability Report.

Important Information

Disclaimer: 1. Qantas Frequent Flyer points contributions are not matched, only the cash contributions from Qantas and Jetstar passengers.