QantasLink A220-300

A comprehensive plane profile and seating map of the A220-300 aircraft. These aircraft have the ability to fly non-stop between any two points in Australia.

QantasLink A220

Seat maps

10 Business seats and 127 Economy seats. 

Note: bassinet seats aren't available on this aircraft.

View the QantasLink Airbus A220-300 seat map (PDF)


Maximum take-off weight 70,900kg / 156,300lb
Wing span 35.1m / 115.16ft
Overall length 38.7m / 126.97ft
Vertical fin height 11.73m / 38.49ft
Cabin width 3.28m / 10.76ft
Wing area 1208.880 sq ft / 112.31 sq m
Average cruise speed Mach 0.82
Cruise altitude 34,000 to 41,000ft
Maximum fuel capacity 21,508L
Range with full payload 5,390km
Maximum thrust 24,400Lbs
Engines PW1524G-3
Specifications for Airbus A220-300

Configurations can vary from service to service and are subject to change without notice.

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