First flight - Secrets of the Dreamliner

Qantas dreamliner on the tarmac

Ever wondered what goes into designing and delivering the most advanced passenger airliner in history?

Join us for this one-hour special as we go behind the scenes with the people at Qantas and Boeing whose job it is to make this happen. From designers and engineers, to pilots and cabin crew, see how everyone pulls together to deliver the Qantas Dreamliner in time for its first flight.

'First flight – Secrets of the Dreamliner' airs on Channel 7 at 9.10pm on 19 November 2017.

First flight - secrets of the Dreamliner No Description

Travel around the globe and see the many elements that combine to make the Qantas Dreamliner special. Watch as Great Southern Land, the first Qantas Boeing 787-9, takes to the sky on her inaugural flight.

From December 2017, the Qantas Dreamliner will fly between Melbourne and Los Angeles six times a week. March 2018 will see the launch of a daily non-stop service between Perth and London Heathrow.

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Disclaimer: ^ Flights from Perth to London are non-stop, scheduled from March 2018. Flights from Melbourne to Los Angeles are scheduled from December 2017. Subject to aircraft and schedule changes. Subject to government and regulatory approval. ABN 16 009 661 901