# Qantas Hotels: Members will not be able to redeem points for, or earn points on, additional charges paid to the accommodation provider for extras (including cots, breakfasts and other incidentals) on check-in or check-out (as applicable). Cancellation and refund policies and conditions differ for each hotel, check at the time of booking. View full terms and conditions. Points Plus Pay: Points Plus Pay allows you to choose the number of Qantas Points you redeem above the specified minimum level of 5,000 and pay for the remainder of the booking value with an Accepted Payment Card (including VISA, MasterCard or American Express). Points Plus Pay is not available for Classic Hotel Rewards. The ability to use Points Plus Pay is subject to meeting the minimum points requirement of 5,000 Qantas Points. Classic Hotel Rewards: Minimum night stays and blackout dates may apply. Classic Hotel Reward must be booked using Qantas Points only.