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Points Planes

Points Planes are flights where every available seat can be booked as a Classic Flight Reward.

Our newest Points Planes

There's currently no Points Planes available to book. Check back soon for future offers.

How to book a Classic Flight Reward

They're the best value way to use Qantas Points on flights. Visit over 1,200 destinations on Qantas, Jetstar and partner airlines.^ Find out more 


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Select 'Use points' to search for the Points Plane flight you wish to book

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Look for the Classic Flight Reward ribbon and book your seat using Qantas Points

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Frequently asked questions

When are the next Points Planes taking off? 
There's currently no Points Planes available to book. Check back soon for future offers.

I don’t have enough points, can I still take advantage of this offer?
An easy way to boost your balance is to purchase Top-Up Points You can also utilise Family Transfers if you have an eligible family member to transfer Qantas Points from. View other ways to earn Qantas Points

Are the Points Planes only available for Qantas Frequent Flyers using points?
All seats on a Points Plane are available to book as a Classic Flight Reward, however standard Non Classic Reward fares are also available. 

What if I need to cancel or change my booking?
For more information on changes and cancellations see our Fly Flexible policy.

Can I request an Upgrade?
Yes, you can use your Qantas Points to request an upgrade from Economy to Premium Economy, Economy to Business or Premium Economy to Business on a Classic Flight Reward booking. Learn more about eligible booking classes for Classic Upgrade Rewards.

Will I earn Qantas Points when booking a Points Plane fare? 
You won’t earn Qantas Points for Classic Flight Rewards. If you're a Points Club or Points Club Plus member, you’ll earn Status Credits on Classic Flight Rewards with a Qantas flight number.

When are the next Points Planes taking off? 

There are currently no Points Planes scheduled for departure at this time. Keep an eye out for future updates.

What you need to know

You must be a Qantas Frequent Flyer to earn and redeem Qantas Points. A joining fee may apply. Membership and points are subject to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program Terms and Conditions

Disclaimer: ^ Classic Flight Rewards are available on Qantas, Jetstar and partner airlines. Seats are subject to capacity controls, availability is limited, and some flights may not have any Classic Flight Rewards available. Taxes, fees and carrier charges are payable to Qantas (excluding any amounts payable to third parties at the airport) by an Accepted Payment Card in addition to the points required on Classic Flight Reward flights. Qantas Points required and taxes, fees and carrier charges are subject to change and quoted at the time of booking. For more information, visit Classic Flight Rewards

Disclaimer: ++ Top-up points may be purchased in blocks of 1,000 points, from a minimum 1,000 points to a maximum 150,000 points per purchase. Top-up points can be purchased four times per member in a 12-month period. Dollar amounts required for points are subject to change at any time without notice. You must be a Qantas Frequent Flyer member for at least 30 days before purchasing Top-up points online, and you can purchase online if your form of payment is Visa, Mastercard or American Express. To purchase Top-up points using JCB or DIners Card, contact the Frequent Flyer Service Centre. A Service Fee will apply for Top-up points purchased via the Frequent Flyer Service Centre. See full terms and conditions

Disclaimer: †† Transfers cannot be reversed or cancelled and do not count as activity on your account, or the account you transfer points to, for the purpose of preventing your points from expiring. Points that are transferred to a family member will be subject to the points expiry date that currently applies to the receiving family member's Qantas Frequent Flyer account. If the family member receiving the points has been inactive for an extended period, it is possible for the transferred points to expire at the end of the calendar month in which the transfer is made.