Cooee flying boat

Our centenarian Frequent Flyer

Qantas wasn't the only one to reach their centenary in 2020. Frances Nicholls, a loyal Frequent Flyer, also celebrated her 100th birthday in November, too.

Frances Nicholls

A lifelong lover of travel, Frances has some amazing stories to tell. She recently shared a few of them with us.

There aren’t many people who can say they were in Rome in 1941 when Mussolini and Hitler gave their pre-war addresses - but Frances can! She also spoke about the time she ventured to the UK on a flying boat in 1947. Departing Rose Bay, the journey to London involved multiple overnight stops along the way and took a whole week to arrive (a far cry from the 24 hours it now takes). And the crew were impressed to hear how Frances journeyed to Russia - alone - when she was well into her 90s.

Reaching 100 hasn’t dimmed Frances’ wanderlust though, she still flies frequently between Melbourne, Devonport, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane, visiting her family and friends that are now scattered around the country. Even last year when travel was limited, Frances took seven flights and already has two flights booked for 2021! She hopes to visit her granddaughters in New York when she can.

Frances, we look forward to being part of many more of your adventures.  It’s been a pleasure flying you.