Mix it up and win with Points Plus Pay

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Book with Points Plus Pay and you could win your Qantas Points back.

Holiday dreaming? Whether you want to explore the beaches of Southeast Asia or the streets of New York City, your next getaway is closer than you think. That's because you can use the mix of Qantas Points and cash that suits you best to book any available seat on Qantas or Jetstar flights.^ The more points you use, the less you pay for your flight, plus, you'll earn Qantas Points and Status Credits on every booking.

You only need 5,000 Qantas Points to make a Points Plus Pay flight booking with Qantas or 3,500 Qantas Points to make a Points Plus Pay flight booking with Jetstar.


Congratulations to our 100 lucky winners

  1. Ms J Kimber, SA
  2. Ms M Paddon-Row, NSW
  3. Mr D I Robertson, VIC
  4. Mr A SAuter, NSW
  5. Mrs N L Lonie, SA
  6. Mr D L Murphy, VIC
  7. Mr B E Nerlich, VIC
  8. Ms J Seifert, NSW
  9. Mr B A Hayes, VIC
  10. Mrs B A Northey, VIC
  11. Mrs S Schilling, QLD
  12. Mrs P Harris, QLD
  13. Mrs B E Carrigy, QLD
  14. Mr M R Fenson, NSW
  15. Mr J Fattore, QLD
  16. Ms S Hartell, WA
  17. Mrs L M WAllace, WA
  18. Mr S Rizzini, QLD
  19. Mrs M F Di Petta, VIC
  20. Mrs C VanzaNTenklop, NSW
  21. Miss S L Jones, Tas
  22. Ms S Keen, VIC
  23. Mrs C A Hurley, QLD
  24. Mr P W Chisholm, NSW
  25. Mr J W Fisher, VIC
  26. Miss J R Pearce, VIC
  27. Mr J Mezzini, SA
  28. Miss M Rowe, NSW
  29. Mr C T Perry, ACT
  30. Miss A Lam, VIC
  31. Mrs W M Beard, NSW
  32. Mr C J Wright, VIC
  33. Mrs G N Purser, WA
  34. Ms B J Mcdonough, NSW
  35. Dr J Tan, NSW
  36. Mr N Fooks, SA
  37. Ms V A Gower, QLD
  38. Mrs T Regan, NSW
  39. Mrs J M Abbott, WA
  40. Ms J Weedon, QLD
  41. Miss V M Couturier, NT
  42. Mrs K SchWAger, NSW
  43. Mr S Daneri Castro, NSW
  44. Ms J Chong, NSW
  45. Mr N J Essex, NSW
  46. Miss A M Paull, VIC
  47. Mr K D Carr, SA
  48. Mr W Allan, QLD
  49. Judge J Smith, NSW
  50. Mrs R M Horak, SA
  1. Mr S Ellerman, SA
  2. Mr R Foti, NSW
  3. Mr W Maher, QLD
  4. Mrs T A Webb, QLD
  5. Mrs J Kassebaum, SA
  6. Mr M R Smithson, VIC
  7. Mr R R Thomas, NSW
  8. Doctor D L Weeks, QLD
  9. Mr S Mattsson, VIC
  10. Mrs P M Wiggett, NSW
  11. Mrs H Tyralik, WA
  12. Mr T A Scherer, QLD
  13. Mr B Perera, NSW
  14. Mr W Bazzi, NSW
  15. Mr R Hart, VIC
  16. Mr C J Pollard, QLD
  17. Mr S M Priebe, QLD
  18. Mr X Fang, VIC
  19. Mr M Ryan, WA
  20. Mr M Gillan, SA
  21. Mr O J Pereira, QLD
  22. Miss L A Iacomella, NSW
  23. Mr A E Curry, NT
  24. Mr S D Cooper, QLD
  25. Mr D G Geddes, NSW
  26. Mr K M Blunden, NSW
  27. Mr G Faraone, WA
  28. Mr D J Stammers, NSW
  29. Mrs V Formby, SA
  30. Miss R L RadoseVICh, WA
  31. Mrs J Bruniera, QLD
  32. Gpcapt S J Fielder, ACT
  33. Mrs B D Heath, NSW
  34. Mr M D Kidd, WA
  35. Miss B De Lucey, NSW
  36. Mr C M Gibbens, NSW
  37. Mr G A Joseph, NSW
  38. Mstr H K Wong, NSW
  39. Mr G Demarte, NSW
  40. Dr P M Slade, VIC
  41. Mr A R Pryde, NSW
  42. Mrs V A Greville, NSW
  43. Mr G A Willey, VIC
  44. Mr D A Henry, VIC
  45. Mr C Challard, VIC
  46. Mr D J Dumble, QLD
  47. Mr S D Kerr
  48. Mrs U Collins, NSW
  49. Doctor R A Barker, QLD
  50. Mr J A Cooper, WA

Use your points to save cash with Points Plus Pay

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Important information

You must be a member of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program to earn and redeem Qantas Points. A joining fee may apply. Membership and Qantas Points are subject to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program terms and conditions.

Disclaimer: * Promoter: Qantas Airways Limited (ABN 16 009 661 901). Promotion Period: 12.01am (AEDT) 21 January 2019 to 11.59pm (AEDT) 31 January 2019. Eligible Entrants: Australian resident Qantas Frequent Flyer members excluding directors, management, employees and their immediate families of the Promoter and its related bodies corporate and registered travel companions of employees of the Promoter and its related bodies corporate. Draws: 11 February 2019 at Level 2, 40 Yeo Street, Neutral Bay, NSW 2089. Winner notification: by email and on qantas.com 13 February. Entry: During the Promotion Period, eligible entrants must register book an Eligible Flight for travel from 1 February to 30 June 2019. Eligible Flight means a Qantas or Jetstar marketed and operated international or domestic flight with a QF or JQ flight number, purchased using Points Plus Pay on qantas.com.au or jetstar.com/au for travel from 1 February to 30 June 2019. Each passenger may book multiple new Eligible Flights during the Promotion Period. Each Eligible Flight booking will form a new entry into the competition. Flights are subject to availability and any applicable fare conditions. Points Plus Pay - Flights can be booked via the Qantas or Jetstar websites.  Fees may apply.  Qantas may extend or withdraw the offer at any time. If you cancel your initial qualifying booking or change it to be outside of the eligible travel period, it will not form an entry into this competition. Your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership number must be recorded at the time of registration and booking to enter. Prize: 100 prizes of up to 100,000 Qantas Points. Each prize is the total Qantas Points expended on an Eligible Flight booking, up to a maximum of 100,000 Qantas Points. Total maximum notional prize pool: AU$68,414.00. 11). Multiple entries are permitted. An Eligible Entrant will receive one entry for each Eligible Flight booked during the Promotion Period. If you are selected as a winner and you have booked an Eligible Flight during the Promotion Period, you will win back the total points expended on your booking up to a maximum of 100,000 Qantas Points. If you are selected as a winner and have booked multiple Eligible Flights during the Promotion Period, you will win back the total points expended on the booking in which the highest amount of Qantas Points have been spent, up to a maximum of 100,000 Qantas Points. The points will be credited to the winner’s Qantas Frequent Flyer account within eight weeks of the draw date. Authorised under NSW Permit No. LTPS/18/30893, ACT TP18/02561 and SA Licence No. T18/2278. Full terms and conditions.