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This competition has ended.

Congratulations to our winners

All winners have been notified by email from Qantas Frequent Flyer requesting each winner to claim their prize. Please check your inbox if your name is below.

Re-draw competition winners (pending successful claim of prize)

J. Cooke, WA

C. Bein, QLD

B. Gregory, NSW

C. Nolan, NSW

G. Hall, NSW

T. Barnett, WA

F. Kis, VIC

L. Mcbain, VIC

L. Anderson, WA

M. Belling, VIC

S. Menon, NSW

W. Pullar, VIC

D. Leung, VIC

B. Fullerton, QLD

J. Brettelevans, QLD

Z. Wilson, NSW

J. Shields, NSW

V. Collova, WA

S. Kenny, QLD

P. Ogrady, QLD

N. Gagniere, VIC

B. Ferguson, NSW

M. Mckenzie, WA


Initial Claimed Winners 

E. Corkill, QLD

C. Escott, SA

J. Tran, VIC

G. Wayne, QLD

R. Mahadeva, VIC

J. Close, SA

M. Obrien, ACT

S. Ellis, NSW

V. Sevastopoulos, VIC

B. Mulcahy, NSW

T. Westcott, WA

A. Kelleher, NSW

N. Antonas, NSW

M. Hughes, QLD

L. March, SA

S. Bloomcamp, VIC

A. Duong, VIC

T. Monaco, WA

V. Lobosco, VIC

T. Downey, VIC

D. White, QLD

H. Frame, NSW

D. Andrews, VIC

K. Greenhill, NSW

M. Gionis, VIC

R. Brown, NSW

K. Defries, NSW

P. Yip, NSW

N. Massa, VIC

A. Amarasinghe, WA

B. Ma, VIC

P. Hublet, VIC

P. Dorhout Mees, VIC

J. Hafesjee, VIC

A. Gair, NSW

J. Bourke, VIC

M. Kiernan, QLD

M. Gronow, VIC

N. Adriano, NSW

W. Marsell, WA

L. Fawkner, NSW

C. Saron, VIC

P. Tait, QLD

A. Hodge, NSW

J. Matusik, WA

M. Power, NSW

C. Campbell, WA

R. Dowell, WA

E. Qazag, VIC

A. Carrol, WA

S. Shields, QLD

T. Pene, VIC

L. Grobler, QLD

J. Gale, QLD

E. Short, NSW

P. Cameron, QLD

L. Tilbury, WA

A. Shibeci, VIC

C. O'Loughlin, WA

L. Porter, QLD

J. Heffernan, SA

W. Murray, QLD

D. Matsumoto, WA

J. Richards, VIC

L. Condict, VIC

A. Harris, NSW

C. Lindeberg, NSW

T. Haeusfer, NSW

S. Milne, QLD

J. Watts, VIC

R. Mann, VIC

B. Schaefer, VIC

C. Sutton, VIC

N. Pereira, NSW

S. Oloan, QLD

T. Brunsden, QLD

I. Gaensler, NSW

E. Fehlhaber, QLD

M. Lacey, WA

W. Ross, NSW

D. O'Loughlin, QLD

M. Felton, VIC

M. Ball, NSW

N. King, VIC

A. Plumb, WA

W. Christie, VIC

K. Milne, VIC

R. Collins, VIC

S. Der, NSW

D. Gush, WA

G. Clements, WA

A. Kermode, WA

T. Hannan, NSW

R. Starvaggi, VIC

C. Gallimore, NSW

S. Masel, QLD

S. Ducat, NSW

A. Adams, SA

S. Quedi, VIC

T. Yumoto, VIC

V. Kneller, NSW

O. Keane, NSW

C. Sarquis, QLD

N. Lockwood, NSW

D. Buechner, TAS

V. Narra, VIC

M. Cayanan, NSW

M. Hamilton, QLD

C. Duncan, NSW

S. Chopping, VIC

R. Marchese, VIC

H. Lam, WA

G. Broadbelt, QLD

K. Pham, NSW

B. Aboobacker, NSW

T. Cairney, VIC

D. Macdonald, VIC

R. Dyson, NSW

K. Sherry, VIC

J. Whitfield, VIC

J. Mesiti, WA

P. Tulley, VIC

P. Bradwell, VIC

R. Sadler, NSW

M. Woodbury, VIC

J. Panarella, QLD

C. Collins, VIC

T. Fleay, WA

I. Porter, VIC

M. Alley, VIC

J. Marburger, VIC

N. Pamogas, QLD

G. Kitto, WA

H. Arrowsmith, SA

L. Qin, VIC

C. Taylow, NT

F. Cairns, WA

E. Dwyer, NSW

N. Dionisopoulos, NSW

J. Nunn, QLD

R. Kelly, VIC

C. Allen, NT

T. Bowden, QLD

A. Bacjh, VIC

N. Peasrce, NSW

B. Vaughan, NSW

D. Bartling, WA

S. Rollston, NSW

I. Pettigrew, WA

G. Plummer, NSW

D. Hucklebridge, QLD

A. Browne, QLD

C. Teh, VIC

I. Esad, NSW

H. Mclaughlin, QLD

M. Wyattpeters, NSW

L. West, NSW

W. Deguara, QLD

F. Portet, VIC

J. Pohio, QLD

D. Lim, QLD

G. Chapman, NSW

S. Watt, NSW

K. Green, NSW

G. Jenkinm, VIC

J. Burchardt, QLD

N. Hodges, VIC

J. Millsteef, QLD

J. Moore, WA

D. Purcell, VIC

J. English, QLD

R. Wallace, VIC

J. Switala, VIC

M. Taylor, TAS

S. Williams, WA

B. Jones, VIC

P. Finneran, NSW

Once prizes have been claimed, 100,000 Qantas Points will be credited within seven weeks. The $100 BP Gift Card will be sent via post to the address outlined in the profile/personal information section of the winners Qantas My Account section within 10 weeks. 

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