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Redeeming your flight promo code

Get ready to fly away with Qantas. Follow the below steps to redeem your flight promo code.

To redeem your flight promo code, follow these steps:


Flight search icon

Search and select your flight, departing anywhere in Australia.

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Input travel details, including passenger information and optional extras. Promo code is valid for bookings with one adult passenger only.

Dollar sign icon

On the payment page, enter your unique code in the promo code field for your discount to be applied.

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Once the discount has been applied, proceed with the payment using credit/debit card, BPay, POLi or PayPal

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I redeem my promo code?
Your promo code can be redeemed via when making a new booking. You will be able to input your unique promo code on the ‘payment’ page once you have selected your flight and provided contact details.

What value is my promo code and where can I use it?
Your promo code is valued at A$20 and will be deducted from the total flight price. The promo code can only be used once and cannot be used as split payment i.e. $10 off one flight and $10 off another. Promo code is valid on Qantas ‘QF’ flights only for bookings containing one passenger.

Does my promo code have an expiry date?
Yes, your unique promo code is valid for 12 months from the date of receipt. If you are not sure when that date is, please refer to your original flight promo code email.

Where can I travel from and to?
All flight bookings must originate from a Qantas port within Australia. Please refer to Government travel requirements before booking.

Is my unique promo code valid on a Jetstar ‘JQ’ flight or booking?
No. The promo code can only be applied on Qantas operated and marketed flights from anywhere in Australia with a 'QF' flight number. If your itinerary contains a ‘JQ’ flight number and a ‘QF’ flight number, then the amount will be deducted from your Qantas flight only.

Can I redeem my promo code on a one-way trip, return or multicity fare?
Yes. The promo code can be redeemed on a one-way, return, or multi-city fare.

What fare type is my promo code valid on?
Your promo code is valid on all fare types excluding ‘Classic Flight Reward’ fares.

Can I redeem my promo code on a sale fare?
Yes, however, the code cannot be used on a sale that includes a ‘Classic Flight Reward’ fare.

Can I book for more than one person when redeeming my promo code?
No. You can only book for one adult passenger at the time of redeeming your code. Bookings including a child or infant are not eligible.

When using my promo code, what forms of payment are available?
When redeeming your promo code, you can use Credit/Debit Card, BPAY, POLi or PayPal for the balance owing.

What payment forms or redemptions are not accepted?
The promo code cannot be redeemed in conjunction with Qantas Flight Credits, Qantas Points, Points Plus Pay, Classic Flight Rewards, and cannot be added or applied after the ticket has been purchased.

How do I know if my promo code has been deducted from my flight?
After applying the promo code on the ‘payment’ page, a green tick will display, along with the text ‘Discount has been applied’ - this will only occur if the promo code has been successful. The discount will be deducted from the total amount which you will be able to see through your ‘cost breakdown’.

How do I know if my promo code has not been accepted?
After applying the promo code on the ‘payment’ page, an alert will display along with text explaining that you may have an invalid code. Re-enter the code ensuring there are no spaces within the field. If your promo code is still not working, please follow the steps below to ensure you have input the details correctly.

If your promo code is registering ‘invalid’ please check the following criteria is correct:

  1. Check email to confirm unique promo code is correct.
  2. Is your booking for a single person only? Our unique promo code is valid for single adult passenger bookings. If your booking has more than one passenger, a separate booking must be made for your additional passengers.
  3. Make sure your departure port is in Australia.
  4. Make sure your one-way, return, or multi-city fare includes at least one ‘QF’ flight within the itinerary.
  5. Make sure you have not redeemed this promo code on another flight booking – promo codes are valid for single use only.

If you have checked the above criteria and you are still receiving an ‘invalid’ message, please call our Contact Centre.

I have lost my unique promo code. Can it be reissued, or can I register for another one?
Your promo code was sent via email with the subject line “Your Qantas flight promo code is inside”. Please search your inbox and check your junk mail. If you are still unable to find your promo code, please call our Contact Centre. You will need to provide verification to confirm your identity for our Contact Centre to re-issue you with your unique promo code.

If you have registered to receive the $20 Qantas flight promo code and a code has been issued, you will not be able to register for an additional code.