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Apple's digital payment system, Apple Pay, is one of the easiest ways to pay in person or online. Apple Pay digitises a users credit card at contactless-capable point-of-sale terminals.


What is Apple pay?

Apple Pay is Apple's digital payment system, similar to competitors Google Pay and Samsung Pay which allows users to make payments in person, in iOS apps and online through the Safari web browser. Apple Pay can be set up through the Apple Wallet app on your Apple device.

It allows the user to upload their credit or debit cards, loyalty and rewards cards or gift cards to a central digital wallet, in this case the Apple Wallet app. This allows the user the freedom not to take their physical cards or wallet with them. You can even upload your boarding pass or theatre tickets. Apple Pay works with any merchant's contactless point of sale system, though it is safer than using such a system with a standard physical card, as Apple Pay includes additional levels of security. Free to use, Apple Pay makes paying in person and online easier than ever before. Apple Pay compatible credit cards are accepted throughout the world.

Is Apple Pay safe to use?

Apple Pay is one of the most secure mobile payment platforms available. Payment card details such as your pin and CVC/CVV number are not stored on the device, and every payment requires a scan of your iris, fingerprint or PIN for authentication before the payment process proceeds. It is worth mentioning that as well as internal app security, any financial transactions should be protected by your bank's fraud policy.

When your card is added to the Apple Wallet on your device, a unique Device Account Number (DAN) replaces the information on your card. It will not work if compromised in any way, and cannot be used outside the device to which it is assigned. Should you need to find the Device Account Number, it can be found in the Wallet app.

The Device Account number works in conjunction with a unique transaction code that allows you to make secure purchases in-store and online. When you pay with an eligible debit or credit card, Apple Pay doesn't keep transaction information that can be tied to the user nor does it share personal details with the merchant. Depending on the device you are using, every Apple Pay transaction has to be authorised by either your fingerprint, face ID or passcode, so even if you lose your device, nobody will be able to use it to pay for anything without the passcode to the phone or device itself.

Apple Pay features

The main features of Apple Pay are Credit and Debit card transactions, in-store payments, gift and membership card transactions, visa checkout, online payments, fingerprint authentication and iris scan authorisation.

How do I apply for an Apple Pay compatible credit card that earns Qantas Points?

It's easier than you think - simply click on 'Apply now' on the credit card of your choice, wait for approval by the relevant card partner, and you'll be enjoying the convenience of Apple Pay before you know it.

How do I decide which Apple Pay compatible credit card that earns Qantas Points is right for me?

To decide which credit card is right for you, please review our product range and decide which card best suits your personal needs. To make an informed choice, simply read the information available on the benefits of each card, while also taking into account your own financial situation and needs.

What else should I know?

Regardless of which Apple Pay credit card that earns Qantas Points you choose, it is important that you read the terms and conditions of any product fully to understand your obligations.

What you need to know

You must be a Qantas Frequent Flyer to earn and use Qantas Points. A joining fee may apply. Membership and points are subject to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program Terms and Conditions.

We suggest visiting MoneySmartOpens external site for more information on credit cards, and how to best make them work for you.

When it comes to credit cards, your bank or financial institution may use different terms. Here is a general explanation of the meaning of some of the terms used in relation to credit cards. Please keep in mind that it’s important that you read the terms and conditions of your credit card as well as the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to understand all the rewards, features, fees and charges and interest rates that may apply to your card.

Card products referred to are not Qantas products and not offered or issued by Qantas but by the relevant Card partners. The applicable Card Partner is the credit provider and credit licensee under the National Consumer Credit laws. Points are offered by the relevant Card partner and partner reward program and can only be earned on eligible purchases. Bonus points amounts offered are different for each credit card. Minimum spend criteria applies.