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If you haven’t held a credit card that earns you Qantas Points in the last 12 months, we are offering you an extra 20,000 bonus Qantas Points on top of our existing offers of up to 130,000 bonus Qantas Points. Offer ends 4 January 2021.

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100,000 bonus Qantas Points

Plus, enjoy $200 back with the Qantas American Express Ultimate Card. Offer ends 4 January 2021. New card members only. $3,000 minimum spend criteria and terms and conditiond apply^.

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How you can compare credit cards

When it comes to choosing a credit card, there’s a wide range in the Australian market for you to choose from. While this means plenty of choice, it also means that it can be difficult to choose one option. So, when comparing cards, the most important thing to ask yourself, is ‘what are the main things I want from a credit card?’ Given you're on our site, we're guessing that Qantas Points are important to you, but what about a low annual fee? Rewards? Or maybe it’s a low-interest rate? Here’s some information that will help you narrow down the best credit card for points and your needs.

What is a credit card?

A credit card allows you to borrow money from a bank to make purchases. As long as you pay back the money you borrow within the interest-free period (usually between 45 and 55 days), you don’t have to pay any extra. If you don’t pay back the money within that time, interest will accrue. Besides offering greater spending power and financial flexibility, some credit cards also let you earn points on your spend - points you can then use to redeem for rewards, like flights, hotels and other products.

Differences between a credit and debit card

Different payment methods suit different situations, which is why many people have both a credit card and a debit card. The main difference between a credit card and a debit card is that with a debit card, you are spending your own money from your bank account; while a credit card allows you to borrow money and repay it later. Credit cards may also charge interest if you don’t pay your card off within the interest-free period. 

Types of credit cards

There are two main types of credit cards - personal use credit cards and credit cards specially for business. The key difference is that business credit cards - as the name suggests - are designed for business use, while personal credit cards can be used by anyone. Within the personal use category, there are numerous types of credit cards that focus on different features and benefits, for example, low rate credit cards.

Which are the major credit card providers?

If you’ve been wondering which credit card provider to choose, for example, Visa, Mastercard or American Express; it pays to do a little comparative research to see which is the right one for you. All of the major banks including Westpac, ANZ, NAB and CommBank offer Qantas Points earning credit cards. Compare each bank’s card rates and benefits to determine which is the best card to suit your needs.

Other benefits to consider

When comparing the best credit card for you, other than the interest rate, other benefits you may want to consider include whether or not your card offers Lounge Invitations, what the currency conversion rate is and whether it offers travel insurance or travel credits/discounts.

Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay

The three biggest options for mobile payment systems are Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. They all turn your smartphone (and some smartwatches) into a mobile wallet so you can pay for purchases without a physical credit card or cash. Google Pay is made for Android phones, Apple Pay works with iPhones and iPads, and Samsung Pay is geared for Samsung devices. Just go with the system you already use - that means Apple Pay if you have an iPhone and Google Pay or Samsung Pay if you have an Android device.

Credit card glossary, including rates and fees

When it comes to credit cards, your bank or financial institution may use different terms. Here is a general explanation of the meaning of some of the terms used in relation to credit cards. Please keep in mind that it’s important that you read the terms and conditions of your credit card as well as the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to understand all the rewards, features, fees and charges and interest rates that may apply to your card.

What you need to know

You must be a Qantas Frequent Flyer to earn and use Qantas Points. A joining fee may apply. Membership and points are subject to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program Terms and Conditions.

    Important information

    Card products referred to are not Qantas products and not offered or issued by Qantas but by the relevant Card partners. The applicable Card Partner is the credit provider and credit licensee under the National Consumer Credit laws. Points are offered by the relevant Card partner and partner reward program and can only be earned on eligible purchases. Bonus points amounts offered are different for each credit card. Minimum spend criteria applies.

    ^ American Express Ultimate: Bonus and eligibility: Receive 100,000 bonus Qantas Points and $200 Statement Credit when you apply online by 4 January 2021, are approved, and spend $3,000 on your new Card within the first three months from the Card approval date. This offer is only available to new American Express Card Members. Card Members who currently hold or who have previously held any Card product issued by American Express Australia Limited, in the preceding 18 month period are ineligible for the bonus Qantas Points and Statement Credit offer. Eligible purchases do not include cash advances, interest, fees and charges for traveller’s cheques and foreign currencies. 100,000 bonus Qantas Points and $200 Statement Credit will be awarded to the eligible Card Member’s account 8-10 weeks after the spend criteria has been met. Card Members who opt in to receiving payment alerts, may receive a payments received email once the $200 Statement Credit has been applied to their account. The Statement Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form. The Statement credit will not be applied to your account if it has been suspended or cancelled. The Statement Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled. This advertised offer is not applicable or valid in conjunction with any other advertised or promotional offer.