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Australian domestic travel requirements

We've prepared these guides to help you understand government requirements for Australian domestic travel.


Before booking and before you travel, ensure you check the latest Government travel requirements, which may include mandatory health declarations, vaccinations, COVID-19 tests, use of face masks, entry permits, pre-approval and quarantine (possibly at your own expense), or you could be denied entry.

Requirements for travelling within Australia

As some states and territories prepare to fully open their borders, we expect there will be some COVID-safe requirements for travel and we want to help you know what to expect. Check the latest travel advice for the state or territory you're travelling to:

What to expect when travelling

We've implemented some changes to ensure you know and understand the latest travel requirements when travelling around Australia.

  • Prior to travel, we'll send reminders of travel and destination entry requirements.
  • On arrival at the airport, you may be asked to sign-in using a QR code (using an app) and confirm your vaccination status (in states and territories that require it).
  • When checking in, you'll be asked to confirm that you comply with government travel requirements (including COVID-19 vaccination, where applicable).
  • You'll also be asked to sign-in using QR codes (using an app) to access lounges and may also be asked to show proof of vaccination (where applicable).
  • Other COVID-safe measures, including the requirement to wear masks in airport terminals and onboard remain in place. 


State and territory vaccination and pre-departure COVID-19 testing requirements

Where a state or territory public health order requires travellers to be fully vaccinated or have a pre-departure COVID-19 test, you may need to show proof of your COVID-19 vaccination or negative COVID-19 test result at the airport. Before booking and before travel, check with the relevant Australian state or territory government for their vaccination and pre-departure COVID-19 testing requirements, including any exemptions. If your itinerary is for travel wholly within Australia, you don't need to apply for a Qantas vaccination exemption or past positive medical clearance.

Keep up to date with the latest government requirements

While we update this information regularly, requirements may change with short notice. Before you travel, we recommend you check with the revelant Government authority for the latest travel advice on travelling to, from and within their State or Territory.

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