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Is your website performing?

Find out with a free Yellow Digitial Checkup.

In this digital age, websites are necessary and valuable for any business, large or small.

They present your brand, help you be found online by potential customers, connect with existing customers through social and email and help market your goods and services. But there are many aspects to your website’s ‘health’ that you may not be aware of, so it may be time for a 'Digital Checkup' from Yellow (and it’s free!).  

Yellow understand that small business owners often struggle to keep up with their day-to-day, and that juggling calls, email enquiries and marketing their business often leaves little time to actually focus on what they do best - their job! This is where a website comes in to play. A website is the centre of a business’ online presence and acts as a 24/7 online shop front.

As a basic rule a good business website should be:

  • Compatible across desktop and mobile
  • Built for SEO so that it’s easy to find on search engines like Google and Bing
  • Safe and secure to ensure all website details are protected

All these features are essential to keeping customers on page and engaged, and contribute to a higher organic search ranking.

What is the Yellow Digital Checkup?

Yellow have introduced a helpful new (free) tool to help businesses determine the strength of their website and overall online presence. The Yellow Digital Checkup analyses a website’s SEO, mobile responsiveness, load times, and much more! It’s quick, online and as easy as providing your website address.

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What will the Yellow Digital Checkup analyse?

Site speed - ideally your website should load in under 3 seconds - this prevents customers from losing interest and exiting your site before it has fully loaded


Technical features - some behind the scenes things to be aware of that can help your website perform at its best, like:

  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer): websites with an SSL certificate ensure information passing through is kept safe and search engines like google are happy
  • Broken links: broken links result in a poor experience for website visitors and negatively affect your search engine ranking


SEO - Search Engine Optimisation uses techniques that make your website more popular with search engines like Google giving you a better ranking.

  • Is your website mobile friendly? Websites that aren’t designed for mobile are hard for customers to navigate, and are favoured less by search engines - don’t get left behind
  • How many backlinks does your site have? Websites with more relevant links pointing to their site appear higher in search results
  • Do you have correct Titles and Descriptions?  Unique Titles and Descriptions are crucial in setting your website apart from competitors when searched for online
  • How does the amount of content on your site stack up?  Sites with plenty of highly relevant content tend to rank higher on search engines and help engage your customers
  • Keywords: these are the search terms your customers use to search for your business online. They are the bread and butter of getting found by search engines


Social media - a great way to boost your online presence and share more about your business where customers are spending their time such as Facebook and Instagram.


Paid media - an effective way to drive traffic and more customers to your website.

  • Paid search: this puts your business at the top of search engines in a featured as and helps drive more traffic to your website
  • Facebook retargeting: serving relevant ads to those who have already visited your website is an easy way to keep your brand top of mind

Your overall score

An overall score will be generated according to how your business performs across all of these metrics.

Not happy with your score? The Yellow team can recommend ways to improve each metric and boost overall performance.

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Important Information

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