Putting your best brand forward

Snap, a marketing solutions company, knows what your brand needs to get cut-through and traction in a cluttered market. 

There's more to building a brand than designing the perfect logo. Luckily, Snap can help your business with a full spectrum of marketing services to better promote what your business is about.

A franchising group with over 140 outlets across Australia, Snap has expanded from being a home-grown family company to having outlets in Ireland, China and New Zealand. With more than 100 years of experience, the company's focus is on providing print and marketing services to small and medium enterprises.

"Our key goal is to help local businesses grow their business," says Raeleen Hooper, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for the company.

"It could be that they need to rebrand, create a website, create a direct mail campaign or a poster for their window – whatever is required to help that business retain clients, gain clients and build loyalty."

We sat down with Raeleen to learn about how you can boost your business' brand by making the most of new printing technology and marketing strategies, and, as a Qantas Business Rewards member, earn one point for every $1 spent with SnapOpens external site.

Build a strong brand

"When we first meet a potential customer, our immediate goal is to solidify the brand. We talk through every aspect of design: the colour, font, whether it needs to look abstract or exacting. We make sure customers love the brand and what it stands for.

"Then we're able to help choose the marketing channels that best suit their business goals, whether that's growth or selling more product to the same client or building loyalty.

"We've done extensive research and found the two most sought-after marketing tools that small to medium size business' want are business cards and a website. We make sure all businesses get the ‘must haves' of marketing."

Stand out from the crowd

"Print is enjoying a bit of renaissance. Direct mail and personalisation are huge growth areas. SMEs know more about their customers than ever before thanks to masses of data, so we help them use this information to create campaigns that are highly personalised to different industries and clients.

"At the moment, there's a lot of innovation in the print industry in terms of technology. We call it ‘beautiful print'. You can add silver and gold and embellish printed materials to make them stand out and have cut-through. And you can do it in short runs – in the past you had to do a run of 100,000 because it was so expensive. Now you can do 10 if you want."

Small budgets can create a big bang

"Social media is a really quick and effective way to make an immediate impact. You need to make sure you have interesting content, something of value to offer and consistency of brand across all digital platforms. And, of course, the promotion needs to be aligned to the audience you want to talk to.

"To get immediate traction, video content gets great engagement. The thing that makes people nervous about video is the perceived investment in production. But sometimes a piece of raw video is just as engaging as something someone has spent big bucks on. 

In the right circumstances, something authentic filmed on your smartphone can definitely work. Create from the heart and be honest."

Attract big spenders

"If you want to attract big spenders, do your homework. Know about the problem your product or service is going to solve and implement some great cut-through strategies. We've recently seen incredible success with augmented reality – you scan your smartphone over mailed brochures and see a video. It's a great way to connect the print world with the digital world. There is also technology that allows video to be played within a brochure. Targeted video-to-print is doing very well for luxury brands."

Create great brand campaigns

"One of the best brand campaigns I've seen is from Akubra. They've stuck solid to their branding and produce good quality point-of-sales but they haven't deviated from who they are.

They don't try to do mass production – it can take up to three months to get a hat made, they still make their hats out of Kempsey and they have about 50 people working in their factory. They keep their marketing simple.

Invest in new capabilities

"There have been amazing changes in the print industry in recent years. Now, you can easily print on silks and there's advanced inkjet technology, 3D printing and the ability to print one thing for one person is a fast-growing industry.

"At the end of the day, we're innovating print so it's a better, smoother and more original experience."

Offset printing machine

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