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Can cloud based technology work for you and your business?

A strong telecommunications system is a requirement to support any business, no matter what stage of growth you’re at. It facilitates open communication with both employees and customers, without which your business likely wouldn’t run.

But with so many providers talking about what you need to know, how do you know what’s right for your business? Telecommunications system provider, and Business Rewards partner, Vonex, help businesses optimise their phone systems with their cloud-based technology and break down what can feel like an overwhelming amount of tech knowledge.

You’re probably sick of hearing about ‘the cloud’, but the reality is, if you’re not on the cloud, you’re wasting time and resources.

When it comes to your telecommunication services, cloud based technology allows you to increase the number of phones as your business grows, often without increasing your costs too much. Alternatively, if you're still using the old copper network you will save costs considerably when you shift to the cloud as you consolidate your line rental. Think of a cloud system as a gateway, once you are using it you can have hundreds of lines (phone numbers) that previously you had to pay line by line for. 

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VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technology allows you to make and receive audio and audio/visual phone calls with just an internet connection. This means you can actually make or take a call from anywhere in the world, so long as you have an internet connection, from your phone number just like you were still sitting at your desk, without the person on the other end of the line (or is it the other side of the cloud?) knowing you’re not in your office.

For businesses where travel is essential, being able to reach your customers and employees no matter where you’re located is crucial. The cloud changes the game for international calling rates too, you’re no longer limited by your physical location. Not to mention, if your other systems operate on the cloud (file management, applications, etc), you can run your business from almost any location in the world. It’s not just about making a phone call. The cloud opens up any number of possibilities for your business.

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Reasons to move your business to the cloud:

  • Accessible 24/7, no matter the location
  • Secure
  • Cost effective
  • Scalable

Do I still need handsets if my business uses the cloud?

Just because your phone calls take place over the internet, doesn’t mean you don’t require a physical handset to speak through (wouldn’t that be something!) so you will need either your mobile with a handy app or some pretty high-tech hardware to do your calling. Consider how your service provider factors in the cost of equipment. Don’t forget to ask about the types of features you can access.

If you work out of a single location, or even if you have multiple offices but your staff are predominantly at their desk, handsets will likely be a requirement for your business.

Even better than simply just having a desk phone, technology advancements allow you to now receive calls made to your desk phone to your mobile device. All you need is the right app for you to send and receive calls from your mobile phone, wherever you are. The soft phone technology also works on your computer, laptop or tablet device, without you needing a new phone number. It’s an easy way to create some flexibility for your business.

With so much change happening in the industry, you don’t want to get left behind when systems finally change.

Take the time to review your business, talk to the people you trust and those who will be servicing the product and make sure you swap your services or your service provider in time.

Matt Fahey, CEO of Vonex, knows how hard it can be to find the right support;  "SMEs have been at the core of our business - we know many small businesses don’t have the luxury of in-house expert support to know if their telecommunications is set up and managed to best practice - and they could be losing out."  Vonex is a telecommunications company giving thousands of Australian businesses the best personalised and reliable phone and internet experiences. With channel partners across Australia, they have a local presence to keep your business connected.

From setting up and managing your bespoke cloud-based phone systems to supporting your switch to the NBN or internet fibre network quickly, reliably and with the best price.

As a Qantas Business Rewards member you can earn 1 Qantas Points per $1 spent on Vonex cloud phone, 4G mobile & nbn™ plans.* 


Source: SmartCompany’s DIY guide to improving your business communicationsOpens external site

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*A business must be a Qantas Business Rewards member to earn Qantas Points for business. A one-off join fee of $89.50 including GST normally applies, however this will be waived for Vonex customers. Membership and Qantas Points are subject to Qantas Business Rewards Terms and Conditions. Qantas Points for business are offered under the Vonex Telecom Terms and ConditionsOpens external site. Vonex Telecom customers will earn 1 Qantas Point for every 1 dollar spent on their monthly bill for all Vonex ONdesk, ONsip and nbn™ plans. Qantas Points will be credited to the member's Business Rewards account within 30 days of payment for all Vonex ONdesk, ONsip and nbn™ plans. Any claims in relation to Qantas Points under this offer must be made directly to Vonex Telecom by emailing 

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