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Member success story: Vegepod

Discover Qantas Business Rewards members who have grown their business thanks to face-to-face connections, and how they maximise their benefits when flying for work.

The team behind Vegepod has nurtured multi-million-dollar annual revenue from the ground up. They share four trips that opened doors, closed deals and planted the seed for global success.

In 2015, Vegepod appeared on Shark Tank with a portable, self-watering garden bed – and it changed everything for the Sydney-based start-up. “We sold more online in two nights than we had in two years,” says Simon Holloway, who co-owns the business with founder Matt Harris and global CEO Paul Harris. And when it won Best New Product at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show – “the pinnacle in horticulture” – in 2020, Vegepod got a whole new level of global recognition. 

"Over the past three years we've seen growth rates of 200 too 300 per cent each year, and, in 2022, we hit record annual revenue." Their vision is simple. “With a Vegepod, you can reduce your cost of living but also grow tasty food – and it’s good for the environment.” Staying in touch with a global market means a lot of time “wheels up” – but these trips have paid back in spades, as Holloway explains.

"We bring our team together to bring a strong culture"

“Each year, we fly all the state reps into Sydney for training and an early Christmas party using our Qantas Points. We regroup for training, talk about our wins, losses and challenges, and we usually do something fun. You want your team to back each other and they only do that when they know each other on a personal level.

Our admin team arranges these flights so it’s handy to be able to have multiple people manage multiple bookings through our Qantas Business Rewards Account. We also instruct all our staff to enter our ABN when booking. More points for the business means more trips.”

Vegepod owner
  • Tip: Store your team as travellers in your Business Account for flight savings~ and ensure that both the business* and traveller earn Qantas Points±

"How Qantas is helping us go global" 

Vegepod owner

“We’ve been wanting to expand into Japan for a long time but we wanted to do it right. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade introduced us to Unitika Ltd as a possible distributor. We wanted to fly over and meet with them, go out for dinner and saké, and build that trust you can only get from being there in person. I lived in Japan as a young pup so I know Japanese, but we also hired a translator because we didn’t want to stuff up the business talks. Unitika felt we were a perfect fit, so they’ll be our new distributor and Japan is now the 21st country Vegepods are sold in. We used Qantas Points earned through Qantas Business Rewards to book our flights, which was a big cost saving. The extra baggage we get with Qantas flights was also handy because we took over some prototype demos of our new product. We don’t travel light.”

  • Tip: Did you know you can use your business' Qantas Points± to book flights across Qantas, Jetstar, and selected partner airlines directly from your Business Account.

"The 30-minute meeting that changed everything"

“QVC is number one for TV shopping and the third-largest online seller in the US. They’re huge. But they are notoriously hard to get in front of. So, when I had a slight window I dropped everything and flew to Philadelphia for a half-hour meeting. When I got there, the senior buyer couldn’t make it. My heart sank. By chance, about 10 minutes in, I saw her walking past and knocked on the glass and waved her into the meeting. Of course it was a fluke but lo and behold, we got the contract. And the fact that I was able to show them the Vegepods from the back of the van while I was there was priceless. That’s why I always go on about Qantas and reliability. It’s not just about the savings you get as a Qantas Business Rewards member. When you travel on the Qantas network, you have a sense of confidence.”

Vegepod owner
  • Tip: Enjoy an extensive network with Qantas and our partners to get you and your travellers wherever you need to be with over 1,300 destinations worldwide.

"Nothing beats face-to-face for business growth"

Vegepod owner

“This was our first attempt at going international. I flew to New Zealand and replicated the same strategy we used in Australia – I got in a campervan and drove around the South Island, cold-calling garden centres and hardware stores. It went ballistic – NZ remains our best sales per capita in the world – and all the store owners kept saying, “Mate, you don’t know how much it means for a manufacturer to come visit us. No one does that anymore.” We did a couple of big sales and it gave us the confidence to take Vegepod around the world. When I fly, I always wear the Vegepod shirt. It starts conversations and it’s free advertising. Particularly in the Qantas Business Lounge, you get to mingle with people that you otherwise might not meet. We’ve made contacts and sometimes we’ve even ended up doing business together.”


Is your business missing out on Qantas flight discounts?

Here’s how to get the most out of the program and ensure you and your teams get maximum savings and points. 

Book via your Qantas Business Rewards Account

Store multiple travellers in your Business Account, make bookings accessing flight savings~ and use your business’ points± to upgrade. You can also manage your company’s upcoming flight bookings and reconcile monthly travel expenses all in one place.

Make it easier for your team to book

Add your team as travellers in your Business Account and activate the self-booking feature so they can access your member flight savings~ when they book their own business travel on They’ll earn points for the business* and themselves.#

Unlock more savings

As your business earns Qantas Points from flying, you’ll move through tiers of the program and unlock more benefits. Level 1 members save 6% off the base fare of selected flights, Level 2 members save up to 8% and Level 3 members save up to 10%.~

Let your business fly

Discover how other Australian businesses are benefiting from face-to-face meetings and uncover more ways to save with Qantas Business Rewards.


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