State of Escape

Member success story: State of Escape

Discover Qantas Business Rewards members who have grown their business thanks to face-to-face connections, and how they maximise their benefits when flying for work.

Brigitte MacGowan and Desley Maidment wanted to build a business that would allow them to travel together. A decade on, their brand, State of Escape, is taking them all over the world as it soars to new heights. 

Brigitte MacGowan and Desley Maidment launched their business, State of Escape, with a bang in 2013, designing a super-practical yet ultra-stylish neoprene tote bag. The tote became an instant sensation, capturing the attention of shoppers and fashion editors alike, with sales growing 300 per cent in the first two years.

 Today, the now-trademarked Escape bag sells in the tens of thousands every year in more than 20 countries, according to Maidment, State of Escape’s CEO. Every style in its range (which now extends to crossbody bags, overnighter totes and designer collaborations) is still made in the founders’ hometown of Sydney. “It was important for us to produce the bags here because having an Australian-made product really underscores our ethos,” says Maidment. 

MacGowan, the brand’s creative director, is currently based in New York and Maidment in Singapore however the pair travel together for work “all the time”. They return to the head office in Sydney, where they have 12 full-time staff, and circle the globe to meet retailers and immerse themselves in local markets. “We longed to have a business that gave us opportunities to explore the world through our careers,” says MacGowan. “We tell our husbands, ‘Sorry, we have to go!’” adds Maidment. Here, they explain how travel has been instrumental in bagging global success.

“Personal connection in local markets is part of our business’s success”

State of Escape CEO Desley Maidment

“We’ve had many trips to Japan, where they are very particular about quality and simple, impeccable design,” says MacGowan. “We’ve been fortunate that our products resonated there. We met our Japanese distributor on our first trip and they were incredible hosts. We love food so Desley and I were in our element! We went into the stores and met all the sales staff to give them training so they could understand our philosophy and speak to customers about our brand. They really love that personal connection and I know it’s part of our success. In the early years, Business fares could be a bit of a stretch. We accumulated Qantas Points, for our business and for our Frequent Flyers, so we could put in for upgrades, which we were lucky enough to get quite often. These days, we still look for savings when we book through Qantas Business Rewards.”

  • Tip: Always add your ABN and the traveller's Frequent Flyer number when booking flights for work. That way, both the business and the traveller earn Qantas Points.* 

“The trip that unlocked our American expansion” 

“State of Escape was three years old when the Australian Fashion Council invited us to be part of the Australian Designers Abroad program in New York,” recalls MacGowan. “It was a great introduction to new opportunities and we ended up signing exclusively with Neiman Marcus. Our South American distributor discovered us there and now we’re in six countries on that continent. In 2018, I relocated to New York to help build the business. Others have told us that to understand the nuances of the US market, you have to be physically present, though Sydney is still home. I love that I can take off from JFK on the weekend and get to work in Sydney by 11am Monday. I’m a Platinum Frequent Flyer now and I love the International First Lounge during layovers at LAX – I know the host at the front desk, the menu, the route to the gate. I have a shower, a meal, get back on the plane and sleep all the way to Australia.”

State of Escape's Neoprene Tote Bags
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“Coming home brings us closer to our team”

Desley Maidment

“Brigitte and I recently met in London to do some forward planning and then I flew to Sydney to brief all the team,” says Maidment. “We love travelling together and seeing our bags ‘in the wild’, worn by women all around the world. We travel to better understand their lives. It’s just as important for me to come home to Sydney regularly and connect in person with our team. I manage the business side of State of Escape, so I’m conscious of how we’re tracking against budget and the trips we need to make to grow our market. Qantas Business Rewards is a great centralised hub that helps me keep tabs on expenditure, tap into flight savings and build our points for future trips and upgrades. It’s a super-easy interface for me and our finance manager to reconcile expenses, too.”

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† Triple Qantas Points on flights for your business: A business must be a Qantas Business Rewards Member to earn triple Qantas Points for business. The triple Qantas Points for business are only available for American Express Qantas Card Members when the Card is used to make an eligible Qantas flight booking. Qantas will allocate to the business an amount equal to the Qantas Points earned by the traveller when travelling for business against a rate of either: 20% (Level 1); or 30% (Level 2); or 40% (Level 3) multiplied by three. For details, see 


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