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Member Success Story: Pepe Saya

Launched by Pierre Issa in 2010, Pepe Saya's dairy products are synonymous with quality. Based in Sydney, the company produces world-class butter, sourcing cream directly from top farms around the country. 

The goal, according to Issa, is to show that real food still exists – and that it is delicious. Whether Pepe Saya butter is on your plate in a top restaurant or served with a warm bread roll on a Qantas flight, it contributes to a memorable dining experience.

Pierre Issa sat down with us to talk about how they're streamlining travel and earning great rewards for the whole company thanks to their Qantas Business Rewards membership.

'We're based in Sydney, producing a world-class butter made from cream sourced directly from farms around the country. We then have fresh butter delivered all over Australia the week it's made.

If you travel in first class on a Qantas flight today, then the Pepe Saya butter you're given to accompany your meal was probably delivered to the airline just a few days before. We source from all over the country, then redistribute across the country in a very timely fashion.'

'To expedite this, my staff and I travel to all corners of Australia, all the time. We're in major capital cities a lot, to meet with our customers and distributors. But we're also travelling to rural areas to visit farms.

People like to meet the maker, and we have quite a lot of customers and potential customers wanting us to come and visit them. It's important for us to travel to educate people about our product and develop loyalty and new customer bases.'

How is Pepe Saya earning Qantas Points into its Qantas Business Rewards account?

'It's very easy to earn points both personally and for the company's Qantas Business Rewards account – you simply include your Qantas Frequent Flyer number and the company's ABN when booking a flight and it's done. It's very straightforward.

And, not only does our company earn Qantas Points when we fly, the individual flying also earns Qantas Points and Status Credits for their Frequent Flyer account.

We earn Qantas Points on other everyday expenses, too, including car rental with Avis.  The business earns 4 points per $1 spent on car hire, on top of the 4 points the individual earns as a Frequent Flyer. It all adds up. '

What are the biggest benefits of Qantas Business Rewards for your business?

'I love that the Qantas Points the company accrues can be given to any of our employees, not just myself and the company's director. So if one of my staff needs to travel for work, all I have to do is transfer Qantas Points from Pepe Saya's Qantas Business Rewards account into the staff member's Frequent Flyer account and they can book the flight using points. This saves us a lot of money on travel.

I also love the fact that when you book a Qantas flight, the company is earning points as well as the person flying. It's a win win.'

How is Pepe Saya redeeming Qantas Points accrued through Qantas Business Rewards?

'We regularly transfer Qantas Points from the company's Qantas Business Rewards account to our employees so they can upgrade on domestic flights.

We recently went to Townsville from Sydney. It's not that far away, but there are multiple flights and there are stopovers, which means the total travel time is around seven hours.

Being able to use the company's Qantas Points to upgrade from economy to business class was a godsend. Not only was the flight more comfortable, but we could use Qantas Business Class lounges and landed in Townsville ready to meet people and do business straight away.

I've also used Qantas Points accrued through the company's Qantas Business Rewards account to purchase wines online through Qantas Wine. There are some really exciting, unique and one-off wines on the site, and it's easy to make a purchase using points.'

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