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Member Success Story: Civil Construction Partners

Civil Construction Partners (CCP) began from nothing four years ago and today has grown to a company of more than 15 employees across two capital city offices. 

The company is in demand across a diverse range of civil construction projects, from earthworks and roads to residential developments and car parks.

Co-owner and Business manager Sue-Ling spoke with us about how CCP is using Qantas Business Rewards to save their business thousands of dollars on flights, earn thousands of Qantas Points, and reward staff and family members.

What are some of the main ways CCP is earning Qantas Points through Qantas Business Rewards?

'In addition to our Brisbane head office, we have a branch in Sydney. We work with councils and private projects, so we fly a lot between the two cities. We also fly to remote job sites in northern Queensland and, more recently, to quote new projects in Canberra.

Everyone on the team has flown at one point in time but around 50 per cent of staff fly regularly. For booked-in jobs we pay for flights and earn a lot of Qantas Points as a result.'

'We have an American Express Qantas Business Rewards Card, and earned more than one million points through the card last financial year alone. There are a lot of benefits (including 1.25 Qantas Points for every $1 spent) and we love the flexibility. It allows us to pay companies that do not normally accept American Express and it gives us an additional 51 days of cash flow, which is a huge bonus for a small company. We run approximately 20% of our business expenses through the card.'

How do you use your business' Qantas Points?

"Presently the only way we're redeeming Qantas Points earned through Qantas Business Rewards is for flights. While we buy flights for pre-booked jobs, we often use points to ‘pay' for staff flights when we're quoting for jobs or going to Sydney for admin purposes."

"We don't have a travel agent. I personally book all the corporate flights. But it's simple to transfer points to the Frequent Flyer travelling and everything is in one place."

"We've also used points to reward staff who have worked hard. Instead of a cash bonus, we've given them points to go towards a family holiday, which they've been thrilled about."

"Qantas Points also come in handy when redeeming flights for our own family. Our travel is mostly domestic and often involves bringing the kids down from Brisbane to be with us on job sites. We've also just booked a return-US flight for our next family holiday. We booked Business Class flights using points."

What are the main benefits of being a Qantas Business Rewards member?

"It's great to earn points on everyday business expenses. As a small business, everything counts. I also love how I can easily book and manage flights through my Qantas Business Rewards account. Everything is in one place so I can keep track of which flights I've booked, cancelled and changed and I can manage any flight vouchers. I make the most of anything out there that might improve our company efficiency, as it saves us both time and money. That's the bottom line. If we can streamline things and if our clients are happy, that's a win-win."

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