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Member success story: Bitton

David Bitton launched his six-table Bitton coffee shop in 2000 – today, the company has two much larger outlets as well as a consulting arm and gourmet product range sold nationally.

Growing from just two employees – Bitton and his wife – to more than 35, the company now enjoys countrywide recognition for its commitment to quality products and services, integrity and hands-on customer care.

Founder and chef David Bitton sat down with us to talk about how Qantas Business Rewards is changing the way his family, and staff, travel to do business, and the rewards they earn just from going about everyday activities.

Why did you decide to become a Qantas Business Rewards member?

"I was one of the first people to jump on the Qantas Business Rewards bandwagon. I think it's great that you can earn Qantas Points for just doing day-to-day things in the company and turn everyday business expenses into something positive. It's so easy and streamlined and you don't have to think about things."

"It's great to be aligned with Qantas, and to have things operate so smoothly. The benefits you see from being a Qantas Rewards Member begin straight away and really accumulate in the long term."

What are some of the main ways Bitton is earning Qantas Points through Qantas Business Rewards?

"We're constantly moving products around the country. We're sold nationally now, have an online shop, and are stocked in David Jones around the country (at some times we were also shipping and selling products internationally, but not at the moment). I've used Qantas Freight to send product samples to media on occasion, and would like to use Qantas Freight more."

"And, of course, we earn Qantas Points for our Qantas Business Rewards account when we travel around the country. It doesn't matter who in the company is travelling — whether it is me or a staff member — the company's Qantas Business Rewards account will earn Qantas Points. The individual flying also earns Qantas Points toward their Qantas Frequent Flyer account."

How is Bitton using its Qantas Points?

"I travel a lot, a mix of business and pleasure. I usually have two big international trips with my family every year. I also travel domestically for work, to Melbourne and Queensland. I only fly with Qantas, because the flights are secure and safe and the service is outstanding.

"I'll regularly use Qantas Points accumulated through Bitton's Qantas Business Rewards account to redeem flight upgrades. My staff only fly domestically, but I fly internationally and domestically and will redeem upgrades on both types of flights.

"I've also used Qantas Points from the company's account to purchase a flight for a staff member as a reward. It's great that you can transfer the Qantas Points from the business account to any other person, in the company or your family.

"On the ground, I've used Qantas Points for Qantas Club Lounge access for my family when we're travelling, to make the experience more comfortable and to ensure we get priority.

"When I was in Paris recently I also used Bitton's Qantas Points earned to book accommodation through Qantas Hotels. It's simple, and there's a good range to choose from. And, this year we started redeeming Qantas Points for car hire with Avis, which is something we will do again when we travel domestically."

Earn Qantas Points on over 50 everyday business expenses