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The Australian Study Centre

“I’ve fallen in love with earning Qantas Points”

A self-confessed “points freak”, this education consultant has found the online advertising that works for her business, as well as her sense of adventure.

Eleven years ago, when Karolina Ferenc was sorting through card offers, she called Qantas to see how many points she had and whether she could perhaps, “you know, buy a toothbrush”. When she was told she had enough points to fly return to Europe, “this is the moment I fell in love with Qantas Points, because they have real value,” she says.

To earn points, Ferenc has a Qantas Points-earning Business Rewards credit card and shops at the Qantas Rewards Store and preferred suppliers. She and husband and business partner Piotr – “the master of points collection” – save points for travel.


Launched in 2003, The Australian Study CentreOpens external site in a new window assists overseas students with education options in Australia. Ferenc chose Australia’s largest business directory, Yellow Online, a Qantas Business Rewards partner, to connect with new customers – upgrading from a standard listing to a content-rich premium ad for the bonus sign-up points. After a few weeks of being live online the results spoke for themselves. “We see much more traffic now,” she says. “Our ad is in the right spots and we’re reaching more customers.” As education advisers, Ferenc’s team visit their main markets in Europe, Canada and South America and have explored India, too. “We always look for new markets."

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