Need help booking your flights?

Below you'll find some helpful tips on our new booking system.

Select your dates

If you chose to be flexible with your dates, you’ll see the lowest price indicator in blue highlighting dates with the cheapest fare.

The ribbon icon next to the price indicates a Classic Flight Reward seat is available on at least one flight for that date.

Note: If you didn't choose to be 'Flexible with dates' in your search, this calendar is not displayed

Select your fares

On this screen you’ll see a list of available flights for the lowest one way or return price per fare type. 

When you choose a fare, the box expands to show fare comparison information. You can see differences between fare types, for example whether a change fee is applicable. 

Logged in Frequent Flyers can check the 'View in Points' box to change the fare display from a cash amount to Qantas Points.

Once you've selected the flight and fare you want, choose ‘Add to cart’, which confirms your selection and takes you to the next screen.

Selected flights

Once you’ve chosen all your flights, you’ll see the details listed under the ‘Your trip’ panel at the top of the page, as well as in the cart.

The cart will also display your included Checked Baggage allowance. If you’re a Qantas Frequent Flyer and you’ve logged-in you’ll see your additional baggage allowance based on your Qantas Frequent Flyer tier level.

If you want to choose a different flight, select the ‘Show all flights’ link to make updates to your trip. 

Options for your flights

If you're a Qantas Frequent Flyer with enough Qantas Points you can log in and choose to buy your flight(s) with a mix of cash and points. Just move the Points Plus Pay slider to decide how many points you want to use. 

Want to hire a car? Get a great deal from one of four providers, including, Avis, Budget, Hertz or Thrifty. We’ll save your flights while you choose your car. Frequent Flyers will also earn Qantas Points when booking with Avis and Budget.

You can view full fare conditions and also access and read our conditions of carriage before accepting both of these by selecting the acknowledgement check box at the bottom of the page.

Passenger information

The Passenger page is where you enter details for all passengers including Frequent Flyer numbers.

Main contact details are also required, along with an email address where we'll send your itinerary and E-Ticket receipt.

If your business is registered for Qantas travel reports you can enter your ABN number to track your travel.

Your shopping cart can also be viewed and contains your flight, baggage and car hire details (if reserved) for your trip

Purchasing additional baggage

Additional baggage can now be purchased with your Qantas operated flight. 

To add additional baggage to your itinerary, select 'Add Bags' within the Baggage panel on the passenger page.

This will open a full page window where you can select to pay for baggage in cash or Qantas points and use the selection arrows to add or remove additional baggage.  

Once you confirm your baggage selection, your booking will be updated and your selection will appear in the baggage panel and shopping cart on the passenger page. 

Payment and trip summary

The trip summary shows a breakdown of your flight details and cost, before you make the final payment.

If you need travel insurance, choose from a range of policies offered by QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited. Logged in Frequent Flyers also have the option to purchase policies with their Qantas Points.

Payment options

Payment options available to your booking are displayed. Choose your payment method and enter the details to complete your booking.

Total due this transaction is the amount that will be charged to your nominated payment method.


The Confirmation page shows the next steps to prepare you for take-off.

Payment summary

You can also review your payment summary.

Important Information

Disclaimer: * Note the following:

  • Names must match photo identification such as driver’s licence or passport that will be used at check in.
  • Included baggage will be only be updated with the associated tier level allowances for Qantas Frequent Flyers who have logged-in.

Changes to passenger details:

  • For Qantas Frequent Flyers who log in and update their passenger details, a notification will be displayed confirming if they’d like to continue. All other travelling passengers’ details including baggage allowances should be reviewed carefully when updated, as this will not be automatically updated.