Meet our Graduates

Taylor, Program Manager, Employee Wellbeing and Mental Health
Master of Applied Psychology - 2018 General Graduate


Tell us about the Rotations you worked in. Were there any key highlights?

I was fortunate to rotate through four completely disparate teams at Qantas: the Qantas Airline Loyalty team, the New Zealand Commercial Sales team, the Customer Journey team in the IOC, and the Qantas Airlines HR team. The breadth of that experience facilitated professional growth beyond my undergraduate and post graduate qualifications.

I’ve had some amazing experiences in the grad program (learning that Loyalty is more than just how Qantas Frequent Flyer points work, watching Pink perform at Qudos Bank Arena whilst hosting our Platinum One members, attending a Halloween party hosted by American Airlines in New Zealand and working with our offshore teams to launch a new product to help us manage customer disruptions). However, the key highlight has been the people I worked with throughout my time in the program (though, my time in New Zealand is a close second!), particularly my leaders. All of my leaders successfully walked the balance between supporting me (giving me time to learn and adjust), and empowering me to own my value (to do things that were completely new to me, to offer my opinions on key initiatives, and to have ownership over key projects).

How was your development supported as a Qantas Graduate?

As a Qantas Graduate you will be the beneficiary of a practical and comprehensive support network throughout every step of your Graduate journey. Your “support crew” consists of your grad buddy, your mentor, the grad program manager, your graduate cohort, and of course, the supportive managers and teams that you work with throughout your rotations.

What was your biggest misconception about working for an airline?

I knew Qantas was a large and varied organisation, but I still underestimated how large and varied it is. Of course, we have pilots, cabin crew, engineers and ground handlers but a lot of people don’t realise that we also have Freight teams who assist with organ transplants, security controllers who are monitoring world events, doctors who are supporting the physical and mental health of our employees, sommeliers who select our onboard wine offerings and climate change managers who are looking to reduce our climate footprint. If a role exists, I can pretty much guarantee that you will be able to find someone performing it at Qantas.

Current role

Program Manager, Employee Wellbeing and Mental Health

Advice for those looking to apply for the Qantas Graduate Program?

Leverage your strengths – out of the hundreds of candidates that are applying for the role, think about what makes you unique and make sure you spotlight this throughout the application process.

Act calm – note that I didn’t say 'feel' calm. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll feel calm when you need to submit your resume, complete the online assessment or start your interview. Nerves are normal (and expected!) as you go throughout the application process. So, when you feel your heart rate skyrocket and those nerves start to creep in…take a deep breath, remember all of the preparation you’ve done, and channel that nervous energy into being your best self!

To borrow the words of a famous TV coach, “Be curious, not judgemental” – as much as interviews are about the employer trying to work out if you are the right fit for the organisation, interviews are also an opportunity for you to see if the organisation is the right fit for you!