Meet our Graduates

Oscar, Strategic Insights Manager, Qantas Loyalty
Bachelor of Economics & Quantitative Methods - 2019 Data and Analytics Graduate

Qantas Graduate, Ben

Why did you choose the Qantas Graduate Program?

I chose the Qantas Graduate program because I thought it would be a good change of pace for me, coming from Perth originally.

The program offered a diverse range of experiences and the duration of 2 years was an attractive one.

I felt this would mean I could develop a lot and find out what I enjoy, without being rushed.

What was a key highlight of your time within the program?

One of my favourite moments was working in the Member & Program team within Loyalty when at the time, the Qantas Frequent Flyer Program was undergoing its biggest changes since its inception. I was lucky enough to be part of the analytics team helping investigate the number of classic reward seats available to members, which was being increased. One of the numbers I pulled ended up being used by the Marketing team and was put on huge billboards and advertisements around the airport which was very cool to see.

How are you supported as a Qantas Graduate?

Being supported was always a priority in each of the teams I was in. Not only is your direct manager very welcoming but you also have your team, buddy and mentor. Most importantly though, your fellow Grad peers are the biggest support you will get during your time on the program and they will also become some of your best mates! 

What have you learnt about working for an airline?

That staff travel is the best perk of all time! As a Grad make the most of it, go away on weekends and explore Australia and other countries. It is an absolute privilege being able to rock up to the airport and choose a destination, so enjoy!

Advice for those looking to apply for the Qantas Graduate Program?

Just be yourself and be different. I’ve found that being unique helps you stand out and often different points of view help shape discussions in the business.