Original Qantas office in Longreach
Original Qantas office in Longreach

100 years as the Spirit of Australia

From humble beginnings to becoming our national carrier, Qantas has been a part of Australia’s story for 100 years. Take a look at the key moments that have shaped our journey. 

Our history

On 16 November 2020, it was 100 years since pioneering Australian aviators Sir Hudson Fysh and Paul McGinness stood in a dusty paddock in outback Queensland and launched a little airline they called Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service. One hundred years later, Qantas had evolved to become the longest continuously operating airline in the world.

"The story of Qantas is the story of modern Australia – past, present and future. It’s a remarkable and unlikely tale of how a humble air mail operation in outback Queensland became a national carrier flying over 50 million passengers a year. It’s a story of service – through peace, war, natural disaster and national celebration. It’s a story of innovation – from a 31-stop, 12 day flight to London, to operating the world’s first non-stop flights between Australia and Europe. But most of all, it’s a story shared by all Australians. Thanks for joining us in Qantas’ Centenary year as we celebrate that story and look towards creating new stories for future generations to tell.” - Alan Joyce, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Qantas Airways Limited

The next 100 100 years ago, Qantas began from the remote dust of outback Australia. We are proud of our history. For 100 years, Qantas and its people have brought the world closer together.

Our stories

Since our beginnings in outback Queensland, so many people from Australia and around the world have been part of the Qantas journey. From the heartfelt to the historic, the inspiring to the extraordinary, their stories have helped make the Spirit of Australia what it is today.

Nancy-Bird Walton

Meet our visionary veterans - Hudson Fysh and Paul McGuinness

When Hudson Fysh and Paul McGinness first travelled through the outback in 1919, they knew that an air service could help Australia's remote communities. Although their idea seemed impossible at the time, they were determined to make it happen.

Qantas Second Officer Jess Cassebohm

Meet Jess Cassebohm, Second Officer

 “My Dad was a pilot. And I wanted to be just like him.”

Ever since she was a little girl, Jess Cassebohm knew that she wanted to be a Qantas pilot like her father. Now with over 30 years flying experience between them, Jess has made flying a family tradition.

Our Centenary livery

The story of Qantas is the story of modern Australia. That’s why our Centenary livery design features the evolution of the Qantas logo since being founded in 1920, right through to today.

Centenary Dreamliner livery reveal No Description

Introducing Longreach

Created to commemorate our 100th year in the skies, our newest 787 Dreamliner, Longreach, featured a special Qantas Centenary livery designed to reflect our past, present and future.

Our newest fleet member was named Longreach after the Queensland town integral to our beginnings and its role in conquering the tyranny of distance, as well as after our Longreach series of retiring 747-400 jumbo jets.

The design of Longreach represents our proud heritage on our newest aircraft with a dynamic red curve inspired by our branding. Also on the livery design you’ll find our new Qantas100 marque, which celebrates our spirit for adventure, innovation and pioneering achievements over the past 100 years.

The evolution of our logos

From a simple black typeface and a map of Australia with wings, to our iconic Flying Kangaroo, our logos have evolved and grown, just like us. 

In 2016, we created the logo we have today, with a contemporary streamlined look to symbolise a new era and our next generation of aircraft – the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Centenary safety video

Centenary of safety Centenary of safety

A Century of Safety

Safety has always been, and will continue to be, our number one priority. So, in our inflight safety video we’ve taken a light-hearted trip down memory lane – all the way back to the roaring 20s – showcasing how times have changed and safety has evolved over the last century.