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celebrating 100 years of the Spirit of Australia

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A century in the sky

For almost 100 years, Qantas has been taking Australia and Australians to the world. Now as we look ahead and celebrate the beginning of our next century, join us as we dream bigger, fly further and create a brighter future, together. 

longreach historic Qantas office

Past, present and future

"The story of Qantas is the story of modern Australia – past, present and future.

It’s a remarkable and unlikely tale of how a humble air mail operation in outback Queensland became a national carrier flying over 50 million passengers a year.

It’s a story of service – through peace, war, natural disaster and national celebration.

It’s a story of innovation – from a 31-stop, 12 day flight to London, to operating the world’s first non-stop flights between Australia and Europe.

But most of all, it’s a story shared by all Australians. Thanks for joining us in Qantas’ Centenary year as we celebrate that story and look towards creating new stories for future generations to tell.”

- Alan Joyce, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Qantas Airways Limited

A Century of Safety

Safety has always been and will continue to be our number one priority. So, in our new inflight safety video we’ve taken a light-hearted trip down memory lane – all the way back to the roaring 20s – showcasing how times have changed and safety has evolved over the last century.

A Century of Safety is showing on all Qantas flights from March 2020. Get a sneak peek of our new Inflight Safety Video now.

safety video making of

our heritage

From humble beginnings to becoming our national carrier, Qantas has been part of Australia’s story for almost 100 years. Take a look at the key moments that have shaped our journey. 

staff and customer stories

From our first handmade biplane carrying just two people in regional Australia to flying more than 50 million passengers around the world, so many people have been part of our journey. 

From heroic feats and tales of love and endurance, to simple acts of kindness, their stories are a part of us. 

Like Jess Cassebohm, Second Officer 747, ever since she was a little girl Jess knew that she wanted to be a Qantas pilot like her father.

Watch Jess's story.

Jess Cassebohm, Qantas Second Officer 747


From our wonderful employees to our loyal customers, discover how their stories come together to define the Spirit of Australia.

Qantas centenary memorabilia items

Qantas Centenary Memorabilia

To celebrate our Centenary, we've created a special range of memorabilia for you to enjoy. 

Treat yourself or your loved ones to our exclusive selection of new collectables, signature fashion, travel accessories, as well as in-flight and lifestyle products. Plus, we’ve also designed a new Qantas children’s collection, which is guaranteed to delight your little ones.

See our exclusive range of Centenary memorabilia

Qantas Time Capsule towards 2120

We’re creating a time capsule to capture a snapshot of 2020 for the people of 2120.

We’d love to know what you think we should include.

So whether it’s an item that you think best represents 2020 or an experience you’ve shared with us, this is your chance to be part of history.


Qantas Centenary Time Capsule towards 2120

time capsule

Preserving today for the next 100 years.

centenary dreamliner livery

Centenary dreamliner livery

Created to commemorate our 100th year in the skies, our new 787 Dreamliner, Longreach, features a special Centenary livery designed to reflect our past, present and future.

Our Centenary livery design

The livery design of Longreach represents our proud heritage on our newest aircraft with a dynamic red curve inspired by our branding.

Qantas Centenary Touring Exhibition

The story of Qantas is the story of modern Australia – past, present and future. Our centenary is an opportunity to celebrate that story with an eye to what’s ahead. 

In our touring exhibition, we’ll celebrate the many exceptional things about the first 100 years of Qantas. And we’ll look ahead to our future. 

Family walking up stairs to board a Qantas aircraft


Join us at the Centenary Touring Exhibition in 2020.