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Earn double Qantas Points on Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines hotels

For a limited time, earn 6 Qantas Points per A$1 spent when you book your Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines accommodation with Qantas Hotels.

Enjoy a rewarding night's sleep with a wide range of hotels, resorts and apartments backed by our Price Promise. Hurry, ends midnight (AEDT) 10 December 2018. Conditions apply.

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Give the gift of travel this Christmas

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Buy your loved one a travel gift voucher and let them decide where to go. Vouchers available in different increments and can be customised. 

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There's more to unwrap this Christmas with holiday extras

Make your holidays all the more rewarding with Qantas Points and limited time offers on Travel Insurance, cars, hotels and more.  Terms and conditions apply.

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Earn up to 10,000 bonus points with Qantas Wine

Stock up on the brands you love this summer and earn up to 10,000 bonus points per case of 12. Save on Shaw + Smith, Vasse Felix and more, perfect to have for the entertaining season.

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United States of America

There's no better time to plan that USA holiday with our sale fares now available for 2019 from selected Australian cities.

Start with Los Angeles, home to Hollywood and the movie stars, or explore New York and discover Central Park.  For sun and surf, don't miss out on Hawaii.

Hurry, offer ends 12 December 2018, unless sold out prior. Conditions apply.

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