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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural experiences

Qantas would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the local lands and waterways on which we live, work and fly. We pay our respects to Elders past and present.

Explore Australia and discover adventurous and creative experiences while learning about the world’s oldest living culture.

Discover the spirit of Australia with our state by state guide to cultural experiences for the entire family to enjoy, whether it's on your next holiday or close to home. Simply click on your preferred state in the menu above to get started.

Connect with respect

Our friends at Welcome to Country — a not for profit marketplace for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experiences and products — shared a few tips to help make your experience both respectful and enjoyable. Read them here 

New South Wales

Whether you’re in the city, the country or holidaying along the coast, chances are you’re close to a fascinating Aboriginal experience or site. More than 80 unique Aboriginal groups are represented in New South Wales and some of the most accessible and remarkable cultural experiences in Australia.

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory is bursting with First Nations history and home to numerous Aboriginal language groups each with their own culture, art and stories. The largest groups are the Pitjantjatjara near Uluru, the Arrernte near Alice Springs, the Luritja, the Warlpiri, and the Yolngu in East Arnhem Land.


Queensland is Australia’s sunshine state and today its reef, beaches and rainforests deliver memorable holiday experiences for countless visitors. If you dig a little deeper, there is also a rich and long Aboriginal history.

South Australia

Spectacular scenery, top quality food and wine or big events may be what brings you to the festival state – but South Australia is also bursting with Aboriginal culture. We think you should dig a little deeper while you’re there.


palawa are the Traditional Owners of lutruwita, the land we know and love as Tasmania. Explore the southern state and dive into the history and vibrant contemporary culture of the nine Aboriginal nations of lutruwita.


Victoria has a rich Aboriginal history and culture, with evidence of occupation dating back 40,000 years. Today the state offers a multitude of Aboriginal experiences. Visit cultural centres, take a tour of national parks, wetlands and wildlife reserves with Traditional Owners or explore public and private Aboriginal art galleries.

Western Australia

The western state is as spectacular as it is vast, and the Aboriginal history and culture of the land is just as diverse as the landscape. Aboriginal inhabitants of Western Australia date back between 50 to 70,000 years and represents the oldest continuous living culture in the world. Wherever your travels take you, why not make a First Nations experience part of your journey. Explore prehistoric rock art, visit the sites of Dreamtime stories or enjoy traditional arts. 


Connect with respect


  • Choose First Nations owned companies wherever possible, and where not, choose an experience guided by First Nations people for the most authentic experience, and one that supports local communities.
  • While every First Nations culture has different clothing etiquette, you can’t go wrong with modest, loose-fitting clothing.
  • Follow your host’s lead if you are unsure of appropriate body language and greetings, especially when it comes to making eye contact and shaking hands.
  • In some communities photography is not allowed, so always be courteous and ask your guide before photographing sacred sites or people. 
  • Some communities require a permit, so check with your host or national park guide beforehand.
  • Never remove rocks or plants from national parks or traditional lands. The disturbance of cultural sites is disrespectful and prohibited by Australian law.
  • Listen to your guide and embark on your experience with an open mind and a smile.

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