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Pilots and Flight Operations

Our history defines our future.

Pilot Information Sessions

The Qantas Group is hosting a series of free information session for Pilots to learn of opportunities to enhance their careers across our Group airlines.

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Qantas Group Pilot Information Session - Virtual

Qantas Group Pilot Information

Wednesday 6 December
6pm (AEDT)

Join our Qantas Group Pilot Information Session to learn more about current recruitment and career opportunities.

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One of the world’s most experienced airlines, we operate a technically advanced fleet of Airbus (A380, A350 and A330) and Boeing (787 and 737NG) aircraft.

Qantas Direct Entry Second Officer

As a Second Officer, you'll perform an essential role as part of the Qantas operating crew on our long haul services. Our Second Officers perform critical duties on our A380, A350, A330 and B787-9 aircraft.

Qantas Second Officers are trained at one of the world's most respected and professional flight training establishments - Qantas Flight Training. You'll be able to develop and learn with dedicated staff who are committed to our industry leading safety standards. You'll work with experienced Qantas pilots to develop your operational experience on an active line and have the opportunity to travel the world on some of the most technologically-advanced aircraft in the industry.

As a Second Officer, you'll form part of a team dedicated to ensuring the safe operation of the aircraft, delivering premium customer service and upholding Qantas' core professional values.

Learn about the Qantas direct entry minimum requirements [PDF].

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For more information, PilotCareers@qantas.com.au

Current positions

Qantas isn't currently recruiting for pilot positions.

We’re proud to represent regional Australia and be a part of its communities. Our fleet of Dash-8, Q400, 300 and 200 aircraft proudly service regional Australia and connect regional ports with our capital cities. Our pilots get the best of both worlds with challenging, hands-on piloting, and the opportunity to experience the true beauty of our nation.

As a QantasLink First Officer you’ll make safety your first priority and take looking after our customers seriously.

The ongoing training we provide is of the highest standard, highly regarded in the aviation industry, and designed to ensure our impeccable safety record is maintained while developing our crew to their full potential. In exchange for your hard work and commitment, you’ll have the chance to expand your skills and experience including command upgrades, training and checking positions and opportunities to move into regulatory and compliance roles within Flying Operations.

Although we’re a large company, we’re one big family. Every pilot becomes part of our loyal, close-knit team, and is valued for their contribution to our company's visions and values.

If you're keen to join our team see below for Direct Entry First Officer requirements: 

QantasLink Direct Entry First Officer

Minimum requirements:

  • CASA ATPL (A) or CASA CPL(A) with passes in all Australian ATPL theory subjects.  
  • English Language Proficiency Level 6 on your licence.
  • Hold current endorsements for Instrument Approach 2D and 3D on a current Australian Instrument Rating – Multi Engine Aeroplane. New Zealand applicants must have converted their licence/ratings to an Australian Licence/Rating prior to applying for a position.
  • Total aeronautical experience of 700 hours or greater.
  • 250 hours or greater PIC of a multi-engine aeroplane (MEA) (excluding ICUS & SIM); or 250 hours or greater PIC of a single engine turbine aircraft greater than 3,400kg MTOW (excluding ICUS & SIM); or 250 hours or greater as a co-pilot in a multi-engine turbine, multi-crew aircraft (excluding ICUS & SIM).
  • Current CASA Class 1 Aviation Medical Certificate.
  • Be willing and able to pass drug and alcohol testing.
  • The ability to hold an Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) (effective 1 July 1997 under the Commonwealth Air Navigation Act, you're required to undertake extensive background and security checks, at your own expense, to establish your eligibility to hold an Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC)
  • Hold a current passport with unrestricted access to all countries Qantas operates to, with at least 12 months validity.

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For more information, qantaslinkpilot@qantas.com.au

Current positions

QantasLink is recruiting for Direct Entry First Officer positions.

Jetstar is alive with a sense of adventure. Day in and day out, our teams across Asia-Pacific search for new ways to make the world more accessible. New places to fly, new ways to add value and new ideas to push performance. Being a pilot here isn’t your everyday job. It’s demanding and exciting; we can’t promise there won’t be challenges along the way, but that’s what adventure is all about.

In Australia and New Zealand, you'll be flying state-of-the- art A320 and B787 aircraft.

Australia and New Zealand A320 First Officer

Minimum requirements:

  • 1,500 hours total aeronautical experience,
  • 500 hours PIC or FO on multi-engine,
  • 250 hours PIC (may include 150 hours PICUS),
  • hold an Australian ATPL (Part 61) or CPL with passes in all Australian ATPL subjects,
  • hold an Australian Multi-Engine Aeroplane Instrument Rating with a 2D and 3D endorsement,
  • ICAO English Language Proficiency Level 6 on your Licence and
  • current Class 1 medical certificate issued by CASA

View career opportunities with Jetstar in Australia and New Zealand

Across our Asian fleet, there are opportunities to fly the A320 aircraft for the Jetstar Group's airlines in Singapore and Japan.

Our ongoing training program, highly regarded throughout the aviation industry, is designed to ensure our impeccable safety record is maintained while developing our pilots to their full potential. Opportunities to expand your skills and experience are always encouraged.

Current positions

Jetstar Australia is recruiting for A320 and A321 First Officer.

Express Freighters Australia (EFA) is Qantas Freight’s wholly owned subsidiary freighter management company. Proudly flying in Qantas Freight livery, we provide aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance services to Australian Air Express and Qantas Freight on long term contracts. Qantas Freight operates the A321, B737, B767 and soon the A330 aircraft.

 Qantas Freight will take delivery of two converted A330 freighters by the end of 2023, adding significant capacity to our domestic and international freight network, allowing us to carry up to 50 tonnes of freight on each flight.

 We fly everything from freight, pets, unaccompanied baggage, special movements or charter. This means for us, every day is different. No matter what we’re carrying on board, we take the same care we would flying passengers.

Flying by night, we get freight to our international ports on time and ready for the day ahead. Regular Monday to Friday rosters provide a predictable schedule, allowing you to plan your life around work.

Our domestic network operates weekday night flights only, allowing our pilots a great work-life balance. While flying by night can be challenging, fall into this rhythm and you’ll experience interesting flying and wonderful camaraderie.

You’ll continue to evolve your skills through world-class training with the Qantas Group. As testing as our requirements are, you’ll know with certainty that you’re among Australia’s most qualified pilots.

You’ll be exposed to limitless opportunities as a Qantas Freight pilot. With significant fleet growth planned, stay with us and you’ll have opportunities to climb the ranks, or alternatively you can choose to explore different paths within the Qantas Group.

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For more information, efapilotrecruitment@qantas.com.au

Current positions

Qantas Freight isn't currently recruiting for pilot positions.

Jetconnect embraces the Qantas brand, training and safety values while offering pilots the opportunity to live in Auckland or Wellington and enjoy everything New Zealand has to offer. Our pilots fly Qantas 737-800 aircraft across the Tasman to key destinations and form an integral part in connecting New Zealand and Australia to the Qantas International network.

Jetconnect pilots are provided with the highest standard of training from one of the worlds most respected and professional flight training establishments – Qantas Flight Training.

With a variety of flying backgrounds offering a unique combination of experience, our pilots play a crucial role in the Jetconnect team ensuring operational excellence with a safety conscious culture. The excitement and challenge of flying jet aircraft ensures every day is different.

If you have good interpersonal skills, enjoy working within a team and want to live in New Zealand then Jetconnect is for you.

View the Jetconnect minimum criteria matrix.

For more information, jetconnectpilot@qantas.com.au

Current positions

Jetconnect is recruiting for First Officer B737 positions.

National Jet Systems (NJS) is a 100% owned Qantas Group subsidiary airline that currently operates the Boeing 717 aircraft and is soon to introduce the Airbus A220 aircraft to its fleet. An aircraft with state-of-the-art aerodynamics, advanced materials and latest-generation technologies and engines.

We are headquartered in Adelaide and have established bases in Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne and  Sydney.

Like other Qantas Group airlines, we offer an exceptional level of safety and service, and leverage our connection to deliver high-quality training and world-class flight operations systems and support.

The introduction of the A220 will create significant career advancement opportunities and position NJS to be an agile operation capable of new network flying opportunities. Our operation incorporates world-class training programs and operating philosophies to maximise the safety and quality of our services.

We pride ourselves on recruiting great people and maintaining a close, collaborative and inclusive culture.

Minimum Requirements:

  • hold an Australian ATPL (A) or CPL (A) with MCC and passes in all ATPL theory subjects,
  • have a minimum of 1,500 hours total aeronautical experience,
  • have at least 500 hours in Command on multi engine aircraft (may include PICUS),
  • hold a current Multi Engine Aeroplane Instrument Rating and
  • hold a CASA Class 1 Aviation Medical Certificate.

For more information, njspilotrecruitment@qantas.com.au

Current positions

National Jet Systems is recruiting for A220 Aircraft Training Captain.

National Jet Systems is recruiting for Type-Rated A220 First Officer.

Based at Perth Airport, Network Aviation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Qantas Group. Flying under the QantasLink brand, we provide high capacity jet airline services to our customers throughout Western Australia.

We operate a fleet of Airbus A320 and Fokker 100 aircraft, which are fully supported by comprehensive maintenance facilities at Perth Airport. Our services operate from the Qantas Domestic/International passenger terminal complex.

Network Aviation is a market leader in providing specialist charter support to large resource operations, and has a reputation for excellence in safety, reliability and customer service.

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For more information, shr-networkaviation@qantas.com.au

Current positions

Network Aviation is recruiting for First Officer positions.

Qantas Group – Aviation Career Enrichment (Q-ACE) Program

The Qantas Group – Aviation Career Enrichment program is designed to support Aviation students at:

To participate, university students will need to be in Year 2 of their undergraduate Aviation degree. The program will provide University students the necessary insights and preparation for future roles in the aviation industry.

Students who complete the Q-ACE program will be provided with a link to update their aviation experience every six months. Once the minimum direct entry pilot recruitment requirements are met for one of the Qantas Group airlines, they will be extended an invitation to attend a Qantas Group Assessment Centre, subject to operational requirements.

For more information, Q-ACE@qantas.com.au

Qantas Group Future Pilot Program

The Qantas Group Future Pilot Program provides Aviation students at the Qantas Group Pilot Academy the opportunity to be mentored by experienced Qantas Group pilots. Qantas Group Pilot Academy graduating students who have successfully completed all course requirements by their graduation date will be extended an invitation to attend a Qantas Group Accelerate Assessment Centre. If successful, students may be eligible to enter the Qantas Group as a pilot with QantasLink or Jetstar.

For more information, qfpp@qantas.com.au