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Our partnership

Expanding on a successful 15 year partnership with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, we have committed $10 million over 10 years to support the restoration and regeneration of iconic Australian natural wonders, including the Great Barrier Reef and Ningaloo Reef.

Learn about what we're doing together to protect our Australian reefs now and for future generations.

Reef Restoration Fund projects

The Reef Restoration Fund will support the scaling of locally led coral reef restoration in Australia.

Coral larval reseeding


Boats4Corals is helping scale up reef restoration by harnessing the power of local skills, vessels and support. Local tourism operators, Traditional Owners, government agencies, and recreational boaters are being trained in the Coral IVF method to take part in restoration activities.

The Fund will support further scaling of Boats4Corals into other key Reef locations.

Image credit: Johnny Gaskell.

Coral nurture

Coral Nurture

The Fund will support the extension of existing partnerships between scientists and tourism operators in the Cairns region.

A focus on technology transformation to accelerate delivery will make coral reef restoration and adaptation a sustainable and scalable activity, by increasing volume and impact while reducing cost.

Image credit: Emma Camp.

Reef Seed

Reef Seed

Reef Seed, an initiative of the Australian Institute of Marine Science, are portable coral aquaculture facilities housed in shipping containers. Underpinned by the most advanced science, each container can grow and plant 100,000 corals annually. These portable, rugged and scalable facilities are perfectly suited to isolated and harsh conditions.

The Fund will support the engagement of Traditional Owners and tourism operators in the first container on the Great Barrier Reef.

Image credit: Australian Institute of Marine Science.


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