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Qantas’ COVID credit program is one of the most flexible among global carriers. Our Credits have been extended three times since 2020 to make it easier for your customers to use their remaining credits for their next Australian domestic or international trip.

If your customer had a travel credit issued during COVID (tickets issued on or before 30 September 2021), they can book using their credit and receive double Qantas Points until 31 December 2023 All COVID travel credits are now eligible for a refund, so if your customer would prefer, they can request a refund any time into the future. 


Support and resources for agents

We’ve released several commercial policies to help you service your customers’ bookings when they use their travel credit.


Please see the commercial policies page for a full list of policies available to you to assist with booking your customer’s next trip using their travel credit. 

Find My Credit tool

Is your customer ready to use their travel credit but you don’t have their most recent ticket number, or all the details you need to make a booking? We’ve made it easier for you to find what you need with our new search tool. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do flights using a COVID credit still need to be booked by 31 December 2023?

Yes – for tickets issued on or before 30 September 2021, customers who have received a travel credit (COVID credit) must rebook using their credit by 31 December 2023 for travel until December 2024. Due to system limitations, Qantas COVID credit can’t be converted into a travel booking after this date.  All commercial policies supporting your customer utilising their COVID credits are available on Qantas Agency Connect

Does my customer have the option of a refund?

Yes – all COVID travel credits are eligible for a refund any time into the future.

All refunds must be processed via BSPLink or ARC ensuring the authority number 574628 is in the comments box of the refund application. Due to the age of these tickets, refunds cannot be processed via your technology partner.

When raising a refund application, the ticket information is not updating in the application as it normally would. How do I raise a refund application?

Due to the age of some tickets, when inputting the ticket number into the refund application, you may need to enter the details of the ticket manually.  The value of the ticket does not need to be known to complete the application and you can simply enter zero dollars ($0). Qantas will review the application and process the refund amount available on the ticket.

Do I need to do anything in order to retain my commission?

No – when a refund application is processed, we will ensure all commission originally earned by your office or issuing IATA, is retained.

The credit card used on the original ticket is no longer valid. Can a refund still be processed?

Yes – a refund can still be processed. When entering the form of payment on your refund application, you can include the original form of payment and the customer will need to seek assistance from their bank to claim those funds once Qantas has approved the refund application.  Alternatively, a new form of payment can be included on the refund application with a signed statutory declaration from your customer confirming the new form of payment.

Why has Qantas introduced the Find My Credit tool?

We understand locating your customers’ most recent ticket number can be challenging so we have developed this tool to assist in locating your customers’ ticket credits. 

Will Qantas be permitting customers to redeem their credits with Qantas directly?

Find my credit has been developed for customers who have booked directly with Qantas, as well as for customers who have booked via a travel agent. If a ticket was originally issued via a travel agent, the customer will be provided with the travel agent’s name and directed back to their travel agent to redeem their credit. 

Can a travel agent use the Find My Credit tool?

Yes – this tool is available for all Qantas customers to utilise. 

I have reissued a ticket however it is still showing on the Find My Credit tool. Why is this the case?

The database is updated every 48 hours. If a ticket has been reissued, it will reflect correctly on the next upload of data. 

I have reissued a customer’s ticket multiple times, but I only have record of the original ticket number issued. Can I use this tool to locate the latest ticket number issued?

Yes – if the ticket number entered into the tool has been subsequently reissued, the tool will provide the latest ticket number available for use.  

I believe I am holding a travel credit for a customer however it cannot be located when entering either a booking reference (PNR) or a ticket number? 

Please contact Qantas Agency Connect or your local Qantas office for further details of your customer’s travel credit.  

Important Information

Disclaimer: *At any point Qantas travel can be booked up to a maximum of 353 days in advance, which reflects system range. On 31 December 2023, this will mean travel can be booked up to 19 December 2024.

Disclaimer: ^ Due to system limitations, Qantas COVID credit can’t be converted into a travel booking after this date.