What is different about the Qantas Distribution Platform?

Qantas has traditionally used Global Distribution Systems (GDS) to distribute content and offers to Travel Agencies. In this traditional distribution model, the GDS was responsible for creating the offer on behalf of Qantas. The GDSs did this by using schedule, fare and availability information provided by Qantas and other third parties to enable a Travel Agent to generate a booking. 

Qantas’s Traditional Distribution Model

In our new distribution model, Qantas utilises the Qantas Distribution Platform to create offers to Travel Agencies. The Qantas Distribution Platform has a sophisticated pricing and merchandising engine that utilises schedule, fare and availability information as well as other airline data to create new and exciting offers. The Qantas Distribution Platform utilises information supplied by the Travel Agent to tailor offers to suit the unique needs of the customer. The IATA NDC standards enable Qantas to distribute these new offers to Travel Agencies in various ways, including via the GDSs, new Technology Partners and even to Travel Agencies directly.

Qantas’ New Distribution Model utilising the Qantas Distribution Platform