Consultant FAQs

Learn more about the Qantas Channel with our dedicated FAQs.

What is the difference between the Qantas Distribution Platform (QDP) and the Qantas Channel?

The Qantas Channel is a commercial agreement (available worldwide) between Qantas and an agency. The QDP is Qantas’ New Distribution Capability (NDC) Offer and Order Platform. Only those agencies that have registered and been approved for access to the Qantas Channel will be eligible to access NDC content created by the QDP.

Does my agency receive ‘full content’ if I register to the Qantas Channel?

No. The Qantas Channel agreement replaces the content commitment that existed between an agency and their GDS including the Competitive Booking Source (Opt-In) Program. Agencies that register for the Qantas Channel will be eligible to receive content and offers from the QDP and will receive additional existing ATPCO published fare classes compared to the Public Channel.

When will the new QDP offers be available to agencies that register for the Qantas Channel?

Qantas will be delivering new QDP offers to our technology partners from late 2020. Agencies wishing to access QDP content and offers via their technology provider should speak directly with their technology provider to better understand their technical delivery timelines.