Qantas Channel Ticketing - Responsibilities of Consolidators and Wholesalers

Consolidators and Wholesalers have the responsibility to issue tickets with the correct fares and fees on all Qantas bookings. 

Agencies that are participating in the Qantas Channel are called ‘Participating Booking Agencies' and Agencies that are not participating in the Qantas Channel are ‘Non-Participating Booking Agencies’.

Participating Booking Agencies have access to a wider range of Qantas fares than Non-Participating Booking Agencies. 

Non-Participating Booking Agencies are also subject to a Channel Fee, which is applied on each Qantas marketed flight segment (subject to certain exceptions)*.

Participating Booking Agencies

Non participating booking agencies


Frequently Asked Questions

Important Ticketing Information

ADMs may be generated for tickets issued by Consolidators or Wholesalers where the Channel Fee is not correctly applied or a particular fare restricted to Participating Booking Agencies is issued on a booking made by a Non-Participating Booking Agency. An administration fee may also apply. Please refer to  ADM policy.

*For further information, please refer to the Qantas Channel Fee Policy.