The Qantas Channel

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Here you will find everything you need to know about the Qantas Channel, including how agencies can register to access Qantas content and offers via the Qantas Channel.

View detailed information about registering for Qantas Channel.

If you’re a frontline consultant, your agency owner or Head Office may have already registered for the Qantas Channel. Speak with your agency manager to confirm if your agency has registered.

About the Qantas Channel

  • The Qantas Channel is a commercial content agreement between Qantas and an agency owner or Head Office.
  • Agencies participating in the Qantas Channel are given access to certain Qantas content and will not be subject to a Channel Fee.
  • All agencies worldwide are eligible to register for the Qantas Channel subject to:
    • agreeing to the Qantas Channel Terms and Conditions; and
    • entering into an agreement with an Approved Technology Partner.
  • The Qantas Channel replaces the content commitment that exists today between the GDS and an agency with respect to Qantas content.

Important Information

Disclaimer: ^You must login or register for Qantas Agency Connect to access the Qantas Channel Terms and Conditions.

Are you an agency owner?

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Qantas Distribution Platform Information

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