Ticketing Time Limit Information

A ticketing time limit (TTL) applies to all Qantas fares and is identified in the fare quote at the time of quoting your customer’s booking.  The ticket must be issued on or before this date to prevent cancellation. TTL information is also provided in the advanced purchase paragraph of the relevant fare rules.

Qantas NDC Call Out

Qantas NDC bookings benefit from a Price Guarantee Ticketing Time Limit (PGTTL). This is separate to the ticketing time limit (TTL). When an order is created, the total price is guaranteed for a variable period of time with no need to reprice when issuing the ticket. The PGTTL is less or equal to the TTL. Refer to Qantas NDC (QDP) Booking Time Limits for information.

A TTL varies by destination, the conditions of the quoted fare, departure date and how close to departure the booking is made.

When fares under different rules are combined, the most restrictive TTL applies.

In addition to a TTL, some fares also have an advance purchase requirement which means the flights must be booked and the ticket issued a specified number of days before departure.

All bookings should be requoted prior to a ticket being issued as the total ticket price may change due to amendment in taxes, fees and carrier charges as well as fare adjustments. 

For EDIFACT GDS bookings, the total ticket price is not guaranteed until a ticket is issued.