Grouping Taxes Information

When an itinerary is priced, each tax is listed separately in the fare quote by individual tax code. This should be reflected when the ticket is issued with no manual changes made for either ticketing or accounting purposes.

GDS Restrictions for the Number of Taxes

The following GDS restrictions apply to the number of taxes that can be shown in the ticketing mask:

GDS Maximum Number of Taxes
Amadeus 60
Galileo (Travelport) 99
Sabre 99

Grouping Taxes Together if the Limit is Reached

The majority of itineraries will not exceed these restrictions but if the limit is reached, taxes may need to be grouped.

Process to Group Taxes

Use these steps in order only if the above limits are reached and you are required to group taxes

Step 1 Group together all taxes with the same tax code.


If an itinerary has two QR taxes: QR7.35 and QR7.35, these may be grouped together to show one tax of QR14.75

Step 2

Group individual country's taxes together under the country code.

If you are grouping taxes for US, NZ, SG or AU (refer to step 3) these must be reported separately on the ticket and not grouped together under the country code.


United Kingdom taxes GB and UB can be grouped together under the country code GB.

Step 3 If, after following steps 1 and 2, you are still over the maximum tax limit on the itinerary, the Australian taxes AU, QR, WY and WG can be grouped together under the country code AU.