Involuntary Downgrade

These guidelines outline the notification, rebooking, ticket reissue and fare adjustment process for you to follow when your customer has been affected by an operational change resulting in an involuntary downgrade of the cabin. 


General Information

What is an Involuntary Downgrade?

An involuntary downgrade is when your customer is affected by an operational change that results in a downgrade of the cabin.

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How will I be Notified if my Customer has been Affected by an Involuntary Downgrade?

Customers affected by an operational change will be automatically rebooked by Qantas to the new cabin.

You will receive notification through your GDS or Technology Partner queues. Qantas will send a status change to the affected flights as a UN/TK message and an SSR/RM remark in the PNR.

If the involuntary downgrade is not acceptable to your customer, please refer to the Qantas and Other Airline Schedule Change Policy for rebooking options.

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Your Customer’s Ticket

Ticket Reissue Guidelines

For Customers Holding a Qantas (081) Validated Ticket

All Qantas flight changes need to be reissued prior to travel to prevent customer mishandling. You can reissue the ticket in-house to retain control of the ticket for future servicing, within these guidelines:

  • Original ticket to be reissued to reflect the new booking class or cabin
  • Ticket to be reissued with no additional collection or refund of fare and ticket taxes
  • No change fee is to be applied to the reissue
  • All details of the original ticket to be shown on the new ticket including fare basis and fare calculation
  • Any existing data in the tour code box is to be retained
  • An authority must be placed in the endorsement box. Please contact the Qantas Agency Connect team for authority number on 1 800 227 4795.

For Customers Holding a Ticket Validated to Another Airline

You should refer to the ticketed airline's involuntary downgrade policy for the applicable ticket reissue guidelines.

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Applying for a Fare Adjustment

Unless otherwise stated in the fare rules, customers affected by an involuntary downgrade of the cabin are eligible for a fare adjustment refund in accordance with the operating airline's involuntary downgrade policy.

How to Claim a Fare Adjustment

To claim this fare adjustment, Travel Agents with tickets validated to Qantas (081) will need to contact QAC North America refunds at

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