Minimum Servicing and Brand Requirements

This policy has been drafted to support our commitment to providing exceptional customer service. 

1.1 Qantas is committed to providing exceptional customer service and a world class product. Our Minimum Servicing and Brand Requirements (Minimum Servicing Requirements) are in place to ensure agents are representing Qantas with the same principles and commitment.

Any Agent engaged in the booking, marketing, sale or ticketing of Qantas Products must comply with these Minimum Servicing Requirements.

If an Agent is not meeting these Requirements, this may result in a breach of our Standard Agency Terms and Conditions (Agency Terms) and an ADM being raised to the Agent for any fees incurred by Qantas whilst providing these services to customers on the Agent’s behalf.

All defined terms in the Agency Terms have the same meaning in these Minimum Servicing Requirements unless stated otherwise.

2. For all Agents engaged in the booking, marketing, sale or ticketing of Qantas Products, Qantas’ Minimum Servicing Requirements are that the Agent will:

a) Be contactable and transparent with your customers, which includes:

(i) Providing, and having readily available, sufficient contact details including but not limited to, an email address and phone number for a Customer to contact the Agent when assistance is required; 
(ii) Responding to customer enquiries within a reasonable time frame and providing accurate and current information on Qantas Products;
(iii) Complying with any government and/or IATA mandates that are introduced including but not limited to, any Public Health Orders;
(iv) Ensuring that our Conditions of Carriage are read and understood by both the Agent and the Customer;
(v) Providing a clear explanation and itemised list of fees that are imposed by the airline and service or other fees (if applicable) charged by the Agent including but not limited to any fees for ancillary services offered;
(vi) Being transparent with any requests made to Qantas on behalf of the Customer, and not providing information to either Qantas or the Customer that could be considered deceptive or misleading;
(vii) Clearly communicating all Qantas terms and conditions associated with fares to the Customer and ensuring they are understood

b) Provide us with the information we need to deliver exceptional customer service, which includes:

(i) Ensuring all information provided by the Customer to the Agent, is passed on to Qantas through the booking process, including but not limited to frequent flyer numbers, special meal requests and passenger contact details;
(ii) Where relevant, ensuring that relevant Qantas Agency Connect profiles are kept up to date with all relevant IATA or TIDs identifiers;
(iii) Ensuring information passed on to Qantas is entered into PNRs using standard IATA formats;
(iv) Adhering to all Qantas policies and procedures in the creation and servicing of bookings, as well as the issuing of Qantas tickets; and
(v) Ensuring queues are actioned on a daily basis and customers are informed of any changes to their flights as a result of a schedule change in accordance with IATA Resolution 830d.

c) Represent our brand and products appropriately, which includes:

(i) Ensuring any Qantas branding used on your website or marketing collateral is current and correct;
(ii) Updating Qantas tickets to reflect correct flight number/s and time/s after voluntary and involuntary changes have been made to a booking;
(iii) Displaying our fare rules in such a way that they are:

(A) Compliant with any local laws
(B) Accurate and up to date;
(C) Aligned with Qantas’ brand guidelines;
(D) Used for their intended purpose; and
(E) Only redistributed as approved by Qantas.

(iv) Ensuring any deviations from standard fare terms and conditions are authorised by Qantas; and
(v) Clearly articulating to the customer all complimentary products offered by Qantas through the planning, booking and ticketing of Qantas flights. 

3. Agents who are appointed by a Qantas contracted corporate account to transact on their behalf must also:

a) Report travel data for all airlines to the Qantas Deal Manager (PRISM, or such other provider as advised by Qantas) by the fifteenth (15) day of each month in the required format as notified to you by Qantas, if required;
b) Immediately report any fraudulent or unauthorised use of a discount;
c) Comply with all confidentiality obligations and not disclose information contained in any agreement including any pricing or special fare conditions made available to contracted corporate customers. The Agent must only use such information for the making and management of bookings for the contracted corporate customer and not for the benefit of any third party. The use of contracted corporate pricing information in any benchmarking, consulting or advisory services is strictly prohibited without the prior consent of Qantas; and
d) Ensure the Qantas Corporate Identifier (QCI) for the customer is entered into the tour code of the ticket and the associated PNR in the format specified by Qantas.