Flight Cancelled in Error

If you have cancelled your customer’s flight in error in the last 24 hours you can request the flight to be reinstated by completing our online Flight Cancelled in Error Service Request.


  • Only Qantas operated and marketed flights can be reinstated.
  • The flight/s must have been cancelled within the last 24 hours.
  • The following classes cannot be reinstated: G. X, Z, U and P.


  • Rebook your customer’s flight/s in the lowest available class within the same cabin.
  • Follow our interactive Flight Cancelled in Error flow to have the flight/s reinstated by Qantas.
  • For ticketed bookings, ensure the ticket number is reassociated to the rebooked flight/s in your customer’s booking.


If Qantas has cancelled your customer’s flight, you are not permitted to request the flight to be reinstated via the Flight Cancelled in Error Service Request. This includes flights cancelled due to:

  • Bookings made in ineligible fare classes.
  • Instant purchase failure.
  • Incorrect use of origin and destination availability.

Where possible, we will reinstate your customer’s flight/s and generate SSR remarks to the booking advising you that your service request has been actioned.

If your customer’s booking contains interline/codeshare flights or was cancelled in error more than 24 hours before submitting the service request, you will need to make a new booking from current availability and issue/reissue your customer’s ticket using current fares and ensuring all fare conditions are met.