Update on the Learning Hub

Latest News|Published 9 October 2020

The Qantas Agency Learning Team would like to thank you for your ongoing engagement on the Learning Hub and participating in Live Classrooms, especially during the last 6 months. 

Since the onset of COVID-19, the travel industry and Qantas have had to evolve during these unprecedented times. The market will be smaller for some time, and we need to reinvent parts of our business, just like we have in the past. 

When you visit the Learning Hub, you will now see a reduced number of learning bites available. This change has been implemented to align our content with changed market conditions, our current product and network offering and to best support your development in assisting you to sell Qantas. 

The team is also excited to announce that in early 2021, the Learning Hub will be moving to a new platform, providing the site with a new look and feel along with new learning content for you to explore. The new platform will be smaller than the Learning Hub you see today, with a range of exciting learning opportunities tailored to suit today’s market, current learning status and registrations will also be reset to reflect the site’s new content. 

Closer to launch, the team will be sending an email to register to the new site. In the meantime, please check in on the Learning Hub for Live Classroom schedules and other updates.


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