Introducing our revised Australian domestic fare structure

Latest News|Published 12 October 2020

Qantas is updating its domestic fare structure to better reflect changed market conditions as the airline delivers on its three year recovery plan.

When will the changes be effective?

The new Australian domestic fare structure applies for ticket issue and ticket reissues made on or after 4 November 2020 (0001 AEDT). 

What are the changes to existing fare families and class structure?

  • M class is moving from the Flex fare family to the Red eDeal fare family.
  • K class will form the new lead in Flex class.  
  •  Revised price points in the Red eDeal and Flex fare families.
  • The remaining fare classes will be mapped to fare families as they are today. 
  • There are no changes to fare conditions within each fare family. 

In addition to the above changes, from 4 November 2020, for agents selling Domestic fares, from outside Australia, there are changes to Fare Class access.

What is changing for agents selling Domestic Itineraries outside Australia?

  • When selling a domestic Australia sector in conjunction with an inbound QF, JQ, EK or AA itinerary, agents in the Qantas Channel continue to have access down to Q class.
  • When selling a domestic ‘stand-alone’ sector, Qantas Channel Agents will have access down to Q class.  Agents who are not registered in the Qantas Channel, will have reduced Fare Class access.
  • Additionally, Qantas Channel Agents will have access to tactical O class fares from time to time for both inbound itineraries and stand-alone sectors.