SMS notifications for our customers

Latest News|Published 20 March 2020

As part of Qantas’ efforts to better service our customers during this unprecedented time, every passenger will be sent a text message 24 hours prior to their scheduled departure, regardless of whether they booked directly with us or with a Travel Agent. The passenger will be given the option to check-in or cancel their flight and place their ticket in credit. 

We appreciate COVID-19 is impacting not only our business, but yours too. We hope these new measures we have put in place will alleviate some work on your end as we are giving customers the ability to self-service. 

For our customers, we understand that they may not want to travel during this time and may have been unable to contact us due to the current situation. We hope this enhancement will help them in making arrangements for their upcoming trips, and avoid a no-show. 

The SMS will be sent to the mobile number listed in the booking and the Travel Credit Voucher will also be sent to the email address in the booking. Please ensure your customer’s details, especially their mobile number and email address, are correct and valid. 

For bookings made with a Travel Agent, if a customer chooses to cancel their flight, a Qantas Travel Credit Voucher will be generated and will be held by the Travel Agent. 

Travel Credit Vouchers can be used on any domestic or international flight, and can be redeemed for travel for up to 12 months from the original booking. Change Fees will be waived. 

Due to high volumes, there may be a delay with issuing Travel Credit Vouchers.