Qantas welcomes Verteil as an Approved Technology Partner to the Qantas Distribution Platform

Qantas Distribution Platform|Published 7 April 2022

Verteil joins an established network of Approved Technology Partners extending Qantas’ ability to distribute Qantas Distribution Platform content and offers to travel agents and our customers. 

Technology Partners interested in developing a connection to the Qantas Distribution Platform are encouraged to register on IATA’s NDC MatchmakerOpens in a new tab or window as your NDC profile will allow us to better understand market access, specific business requirements and how we may be able to partner on the NDC journey.  

Please view the Approved Technology Partners currently connected to the Qantas Distribution Platform. 

Travel agencies wishing to access content and offers via the Qantas Distribution Platform must register for the Qantas Channel and nominate an Approved Technology Partner*. To learn more about the Qantas Channel and to register, please visit Qantas Agency Connect

Find out more about the Qantas Distribution Platform today. 

Important Information

Please consider your own business needs before choosing a Technology Partner that best suits your business.