Qantas Agency Connect Team

The Qantas Agency Connect Team is here to support you in getting the most out of our dedicated agency site.

Qantas Agency Connect is your destination for all agency support requirements offering enhanced functionality and intuitive navigation with a modern look and feel. 

Contacting the Qantas Agency Connect Team

Contact the Qantas Agency Connect Team on 0800 731 313 (Option 3) and speak with an experienced and customer-focused consultant for expert advice.

Qantas Content Servicing by Qantas Agency Connect

We provide servicing of domestic and international fare and tax quotes for itineraries that include a Qantas (QF) international flight number and are validated to Qantas (081).  In addition, the team can assist with the following:

  • Partially flown QF/EK, QF/JQ and oneworld tickets that are validated to Qantas (081) but have no Qantas (QF) flight numbers remaining
  • Mixed QF/JQ itineraries that contain domestic and/or international Qantas (QF) flight numbers where the fare rules permit validation to Qantas (081)

Ticketing by the Qantas Agency Connect Team

We can assist you when you are unable to issue or reissue a customer’s ticket. The following transactions do not require a Service Fee:

  • Involuntary reissue due to a Qantas schedule change that you cannot reissue in-house
  • Reissue when a coupon for a Qantas flight has not updated to flown and travel is imminent
  • Subsequent reissues of all the above

Service Fees apply to the following ticketing transactions:

  • Urgent ticketing during GDS outages
  • Name Correction
  • Reissue when another airline’s coupon has not updated to flown and travel is imminent
  • Subsequent reissues of all the above

Once the EMD has been raised, please submit a request for ticketing to the Qantas Agency Connect Team by email at For imminent travel please call 0800 731 313 option 3 to speak with our ticketing team.