Agent Rebate (AD) Travel Policy

Agent Rebate Travel (AD) discounts are available to staff of IATA/TIDS Travel Agency locations for travel on Qantas operated and marketed flights only.


What to Consider Before Applying

  • Ensure your IATA Travel Agent ID Card is valid
  • Bookings can only be made between 28 to 5 days prior to departure
  • Bookings are created in the required booking class for travel in Economy and Business cabins
  • Premium Economy and First class cabin bookings are not permitted  
  • Waitlists are not permitted. If the required class is not available, please consider alternate travel dates  
  • The discount offered is either 50% (AD50) or 75% (AD75) of the public Y or J class fare for your itinerary, this is not applied to the  class of travel in your booking. You may find the lowest public fare available provides a cheaper option than an AD Travel discount 
  • Please check the table below for the fare basis permitted for Agent Travel discounts.


General Information


To be eligible for AD travel, you must be: 

  • A sole proprietor/owner, partner or director of an IATA/TIDS travel agency ~
  • An employee of a travel agency who holds a valid IATA travel agent ID card * 
  • A spouse/de-facto travelling together with an eligible employee (AD50 only)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Agent Rebate (AD) Travel Fare Calculated?

The discount offered is either 50% (AD50) or 75% (AD75) of the published Y class or J class fare for your itinerary and is not applied to the class of travel in your booking.

The lowest available published fare is often cheaper, can be booked more than 28 days prior to travel and may permit codeshare and other airline flights.

Will my Booking be Confirmed? 

When booking agent discounted tickets, you could be placed on standby or offloaded if Qantas needs to move passengers from the flight you are scheduled to travel on.  

In the unlikely event that you cannot be uplifted, every effort will be made to help you make alternative travel arrangements. Qantas will always endeavour, where possible, to notify you in advance of the possibility of offload. 

What is the Maximum Stay on AD Travel? 

The maximum stay is 90 days from the date of commencement of travel.

Do I need to Provide any Additional ID at Check-in? 

You are required to provide proof of identity and show your valid IATA Travel Agent ID card when checking in.

Will I earn Frequent Flyer Points? 

You will not earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points or status credits when travelling on AD travel.  

Can I Upgrade using Frequent Flyer Points? 

You will not be eligible to request an upgrade using points when travelling on AD travel. 

Can I Access the Qantas Club?  

Access to the Qantas Club Lounge is available if you hold current Qantas Club membership.  This is not available based on your travel in Business class. 

Can I Make a Seat or Dietary Required Meal Request?

Dietary Required Meals and seat requests are not permitted, unless you suffer from a serious medical condition. For serious medical conditions a Medical Clearance Form (PDF) must be completed and returned to Qantas at least two weeks prior to departure. 

Is there a Dress Code when Travelling on AD Travel? 

A high standard of dress code and grooming is required at all times. Failure to comply with these standards may result in refusal to board or upgrade. The final decision is at the discretion of Airport Management.

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Your Booking

Booking Process and Conditions

Booking are permitted between 28 to 5 days prior to departure in the class of travel listed below:

Qantas Domestic Flights
AD50 Economy Cabin M class Agent only
AD50 Business Cabin I class Agent only
AD75 Economy Cabin  E class Agent and Spouse
Qantas International Flights
AD50 Economy Cabin M class Agent and Spouse
AD50 Business Cabin D class Agent and Spouse
AD75 Economy Cabin E class Agent only
AD75 Business Cabin I class Agent only

Booking Process

  • Complete a Resolution 880 form
  • Photocopy either your Business card or IATA agents card (write the card number beneath the copy so easy to read), or a letter signed by your Manager stating that you have worked for 12 months or more as frontline selling staff
  • Advise email address for E ticket.
  • Email to or DX to Qantas Staff Travel, CX10012, Auckland.
  • Qantas Staff Travel will then contact you for payment. Once payment is provided, the booking will be ticketed, no earlier than 28 days prior to departure.
  • AD requests will not be processed inside 5 days of departure.