Agent Rebate (AD) Travel Policy

Agent Rebate Travel (AD) discounts are available to staff of IATA/TIDS Travel Agency locations for travel on Qantas operated and marketed flights only.

What to Consider Before Applying

  • Ensure your IATA Travel Agent ID Card is valid
  • Bookings can only be made between 28 to 5 days prior to departure
  • Bookings are created in the required booking class for travel in Economy and Business cabins
  • Premium Economy and First class cabin bookings are not permitted  
  • Waitlists are not permitted. If the required class is not available, please consider alternate travel dates  
  • The discount offered is either 50% (AD50) or 75% (AD75) of the public Y or J class fare for your itinerary, this is not applied to the  class of travel in your booking. You may find the lowest public fare available provides a cheaper option than an AD Travel discount 
  • Please check the table below for the fare basis permitted for Agent Travel discounts.


General Information


To be eligible for AD travel, you must be: 

  • A sole proprietor/owner, partner or director of an IATA/TIDS travel agency ~
  • An employee of a travel agency who holds a valid IATA travel agent ID card * 
  • A spouse/de-facto travelling together with an eligible employee (AD50 only)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Booking

Booking Process and Conditions

Booking are permitted between 28 to 5 days prior to departure in the class of travel listed below:

Qantas Domestic Flights
AD50 Economy Cabin M class Agent only
AD50 Business Cabin I class Agent only
AD75 Economy Cabin  E class Agent and Spouse
Qantas International Flights
AD50 Economy Cabin M class Agent and Spouse
AD50 Business Cabin D class Agent and Spouse
AD75 Economy Cabin E class Agent only
AD75 Business Cabin I class Agent only

Booking Process

  • Complete a Resolution 880 form
  • Photocopy either your Business card or IATA agents card (write the card number beneath the copy so easy to read), or a letter signed by your Manager stating that you have worked for 12 months or more as frontline selling staff
  • Advise email address for E ticket.
  • Email to or DX to Qantas Staff Travel, CX10012, Auckland.
  • Qantas Staff Travel will then contact you for payment. Once payment is provided, the booking will be ticketed, no earlier than 28 days prior to departure.
  • AD requests will not be processed inside 5 days of departure.